The System

The mechanics and practice pertaining to Ulric Lyons‘ Climate Prediction Theory.

Here will be found the underlying premise and the actualities of this system. This will lead to complete revelation over a period. A good start would be to obtain a copy of a software orrery – either for the desktop or online. The more accurate the better which is why The Sky is recommended.

Update – March 26th 2008. I have been informed by Ulric that he has become a consultant to a large company and feels it would not be in his best interest to divulge anything more on his system until such time as he, and I, are released from our non-disclosure agreements.

In the interim here are some links to relevant, sometimes parallel, work and peers:….34.0603S…605L..81B More to follow.

Here are some links to Ulric’s statements:

….more later

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