My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma……

Charles Sanders Pierce :-
“There is one thing even more vital to science than intelligent methods; and that is the sincere desire to find out the truth, whatever it may be.”

Science will be in very bad shape soon. Some of our esteemed scholars may well get chased down in the street and lynched when it becomes apparent to the “common” man that the “reason” their relatives are starving, their pockets are empty and that human progress has halted was based on lies that were known to be so from the outset, yet were perpetuated because scientists would not stand and be counted even though they knew they were defrauding their nations, indeed all of humanity, when they applied for, and accepted funding.

Dressing up environmentalism in a mortar board and cape does not make it a superhero. It is a depressing(in all the senses of that word) misguided, if not spiteful, movement that disregards mankind’s ability to progress and, when the time is right clean up after itself, using whatever comes to hand.

We ignorant paranoiacs will have the last laugh – please forgive some of us for giggling in anticipation. At least we aren’t drooling and gibbering over imaginary bogeymen (CO2) and all too horribly real poison dwarves -Algorythm Al and His Hanson-ness – and their lapdogs.

This is what bothers me about you guys. You claim scientific credentials yet are religious in your unswerving faith that CO2 is bad m’kay. Your superior diagnostic skills should have you on our side of the fence at the first mention of anything that smells like the fish that we are wafted with daily.

Don’t get angry, or derogatory, just because nature is disproving your pet theory on climate – use your science to create a new pet. That is what it is for. Huddling together like witch doctors and agreeing with despots does nothing to advance science. The exact opposite in fact. You will be found out. Someone brave right now could make a name for themselves. Not saying you could make a hundred million dollars like some people but……

Your duty, as scientists, is to question theory until it either breaks down and confesses that it has been evasive or it produces repeatable, verifiable, even elegant, proof of its utility. Having failed to prove CO2 is driving temperatures you should move on and attempt to discover what is.

(dog-something anyway)

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