What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Carl Sagan:- “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

A troll dropped his shit on a thread at http://wattsupwiththat.com and crept off. This is that:


Dr James Lawrence Powell – “Why Climate Deniers Have No Scientific Credibility – In One Pie Chart”

I take a couple of issues with it. Not least of which is the claim that almost 40,000 papers were read, to some extent, by this guy, albeit with some help from usual suspects, SS crackwhores Crook and Vermicelli – even if they ‘only’ read the titles and abstracts that is a lot of time invested.

This ‘scientist’ asks others to provide evidence that his and his cohort’s guesswork is erroneous. [FAIL]. Err, that’s your job. If your guesswork was falsifiable – BTW we know it is NOT falsifiable, therefore it is not graced with the epithet of ‘hypothesis’ – the FACT that no-one has done so yet is not a problem for sceptics. It is your, and your congregation’s problem. Why should this have to be continuously pointed out to you guys? You are educated?

So. At one end of this particular straw-man turkey sub Dr James Lawrence Powell claims to have read “…whatever combination of titles, abstracts, and entire articles was necessary to identify articles that “reject” human-caused global warming …”, Nearly 40,000 articles. and at the bottom of his ‘Hot Brown Sandwich’ we find “…We know that the earth is warming and that human emissions of greenhouse gases are the primary cause. These are known facts about which virtually all publishing scientists agree …” [FAIL]

That is a lot of effort spent to jump to a wrong conclusion. If I had put this much work into a project I would probably notice that I was investigating the wrong premise. After 10 years of wading in this mire I have only observed two, maybe three eccentrics who claim that there was no warming in the last quarter of the 20th Century – the rest of us seem to reject the human causation will cause a catastrophe up the road aspect to varying degree[pun intended].

He bases this conclusion on zero evidence. That elusive ‘magic bullet’ that he so wishes existed in his closed circuit of projection: “… had any of these articles presented the magic bullet that falsifies proves human-caused global warming, that article would be on its way to becoming one of the most-cited in the history of science.” Fixed That For Ya Dr Powell

I read some of his stuff at http://www.jamespowell.org/Blog/Blog.php Whatever combination of titles, abstracts, and entire articles was necessary to identify articles that show his joy of life in the echo chambers of “… ClimateProgress.org, RealClimate.org, and SkepticalScience.com …” because I cannot comment at desmogblog where the ‘article’ is posted and his homepage does not allow commentary. Quelle sur-fucking-prise.

Also, on Thu, Dec 8 2011 he wrote “… Why is sea level rising faster than any time in history? …” [FAIL] He is a geologist. Not a very good one it would appear. The guy is a paid advocate out of the Gore mould. I wont be wasting any more time on him. 3 strikes. Get out.

… and the strawman? The entire premise of the article is that proof of warming is proof that bad monkeys did it by setting fire to things. No wonder he ‘works’ with the SS (Cook and Nuccitelli) and worships the investigative skillz of Oreskes. He is a turd eater. He is merely regurgitating prior work:


This joker is barking up the wrong red herring.

The Rebel Alliance Grows Stronger…

Luther Burbank :- “We must learn that any person, who will not accept what he knows to be truth, for the very love of truth alone, is very definitely undermining his mental integrity.”

The cockroaches will inherit the Earth.

I have spent nearly two years sorting through the dust-trail of the litigation pushers on the global warming thing. I used to argue, but types like monbiot and the guy who edits (up to 600 times a day) the environmental pages of wikipedia (william conolley) are corrupt. Utterly. They avoid debate because whenever it has occurred they lose. This site:


is overflowing with bright minds who once were convinced the globe was warming so must be forgiven for the vehemence and anger they sometimes display as a result of feeling conned, and this page:


cuts to the divide between the actual science and the religious foot stamping of the cap and trade/carbon credit industry (that, by the way, will “handle” – in just two years at full flow – the same amount of cash that the entire oil industry has worked for, actuall work because they have had to produce an actual commodity not just paperwork,  since the second world war) that holds the media and public in thrall. People acted stunned when 1 oil co produced “profits” of 10 billion. Imagine how stunned they may become when trillions is “traded” annually. For what? So that the biggest polluters can “buy” their way out of trouble.

I would just ignore it all like so many do if it were not for the fact that these liars and charlatans are pushing for green this and that but current technology is not yet fit. Their subsidising of wind farms, biofool and solar (to name the three big ones) and forcing production at the expense of continued development will undo many years of hard won ground when the public (and shareholders) find out that it is all about 20 years too early to be (anywhere near) efficient. I know we have to start somewhere but they are ruining the entire movement by creating a bubble out of it. When it pops it will set everything back by decades as well as exposing the science industry as the money grabbing advocacy machine that it has become. They have been given over $50billion to “settle” the “science” of global warming and all they do is ask for more, more or less. More time and more funding. Less discussion, no dissent and zero debate. Nice.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I bothered railing against it because big brother sees cap and trade as a revenue source – even though China and India will (must) keep building coal-fired power plants and have zero intention of joining any “alliance” that the (continuously partying in tropical paradises) UN IPCC one world government machine get the west to sign on to. Their scientists (China, India, Pakistan, etc) have reported to their respective governments and told them “CO2 is good for plants, doesn’t cause “dangerous” warming and can never reach noxious levels even if everything that can burn is burned”. It is an inconvenient truth that geologists are in the best position to see the big picture as they train in chemistry, physics, engineering and earth sciences, but most of the good (best at their job) have been employed by oil companies at some time so are targeted only in that area.

Meanwhile the really noxious shit is getting buried, figuratively and literally, as the media and the green environmentalists concentrate on that vital part of the carbon cycle without which we would all perish, that exists in trace quantities (some say dangerously low) of less than 400 parts per million (when atomic powered nuclear missile toting submarines are permitted to run for months at between 4000 and 11,000 parts per million – because those levels are safe for animals and do not alter human decision making capability) and can never exist in sufficient quantities to alter the PH of the worlds oceans, if that were indeed possible due to “buffering” –
CO2 – innocent as charged, has existed at 10 times today’s level for geological periods of time while temperatures were both much higher and much lower than today, entirely swamped by water vapour as a greenhouse “forcing” and vital to a cooling world (despite what the media and all the tentacles of big brother state we have not “warmed” while the computer models have claimed we have) with an increasing population (that even if it doubled could be fed from the untouched Russian steppes alone).

Despite my anger at the likes of WWF and Greedpiece continuously avoiding real, and curable, trouble such as starvation and thirst while pushing this “CO2 is warming the globe” heap of shite uphill I am very positive in my outlook compared to 20 years ago. Why, I even find myself agreeing with a Tory!

If you need a document that encapsulates the lies, distortion and manipulation of science in duty to false ends this is it-


Delivered to both houses and all senators individually but destined to be ignored as they all have their snouts in the trough. I advise everyone to read it at least once.

The poor will hurt most, as usual. The rich will stay rich, as usual.

But. Cold is coming. People will look back and shake their heads that we once thought that the tiny, tiny “warming” we have “suffered” at the end of the last century was in any way shape or form bad/catastrophic/dangerous. Cold brings the four horsemen. Warmth brings more, and bigger, plants, less death, longer lives, more drinking water(rainfall) and less desert, greater crop growing areas and more leisure time to teach our children and to discover solutions to real problems just like we always do.

All the (entirely) natural oceanic cycles have turned to their cold phases. The sun has produced less sunspots during this transition between cycles than at any time since the “Dalton Minimum” when ice fairs were held on the Thames and plague, pestilence, drought and the accompanying hunger, war and exodus were the “norm”.

Luckily, we have over 200 years of easily available coal (yep – even if another China came on stream) and oil (yep – “we only ever find oil where we look for it” the political implications of that are clear – we can’t allow the natives to make money old chap so we just don’t look for it where we can’t control it) Check out how everyone is “claiming” their continental shelf rights – although it is difficult to research – the UK just claimed a massive area around the Falklands – surprise, surprise.

As I have said before, if we don’t find cheap clean sources of energy by then we deserve to die off.

Hey, You, Get Offa My Cloud.

David Hume :-
“Truth springs from argument amongst friends.”
None of us, whether we work for the IPCC, are climate scientists or are lay, have the foggiest idea how much of the recent “tiny, tiny” warming is man made. No one who creates, sustains and protects the “models” that predict future climate can, or will, say for “certain” because the simple reason is that there are nowhere near enough observations to draw conclusions from that most important of natural climate phenomena, clouds. The very clouds that are both a result and the main cause of the much maligned greenhouse effect that stops our planet from being a permanent ball of extremely cold ice and rock. We have very little in the way of recorded observations and records of the water vapor in the atmosphere to form an opinion, let alone a theory, as to the forcings caused by, and indeed resulting from, the water of life itself that co-mingles with CO2, the life giving gas, that we all inhale and breath out every minute of every day. Every plant does the same. One of the unspoken facts about “carbon offsetting” through the provision of trees, woods and forests is that, inconveniently, a growing tree will push 200 times as much water into the air as CO2. Couple this with the, at least, 100 times greater forcing that water vapor has on tropospheric warmth than carbon dioxide and what do you get? Answers, on a postcard please, to UN IPCC, somewhere exotic (preferably warm already) – you know, the usual costly air trip away at taxpayer expense to then berate said taxpayer for breathing out, earning a living, consuming product, watching tv or anything else that can be credited carbonwise.
Back to the clouds.

A new paper (March 31st, 2008) (by De-Zheng Sun and Tao Zhang of the Cooperative Institute for Environmental Studies/University of Colorado &NOAA/Earth System Research Laboratory, Boulder, Colorado, USA and Yongqiang Yu of LASG, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China) shows us the way:
“…underestimating the negative feedback from cloud albedo and overestimating the positive feedback from the greenhouse effect of water vapor over the tropical Pacific during ENSO is a prevalent problem of climate models”
being just one of many gems contained in a paper whose abstract includes:
“…the feedbacks of water vapor and clouds—the cloud albedo feedback in particular—depend on the mean intensity of the hydrological cycle. We have also examined whether the variations among models of the feedback from cloud albedo (water vapor) in the ENSO variability are correlated with the variations among models of the feedback from cloud albedo (water vapor) in global warming. While we find a weak positive correlation between the variations among models in the feedback of water vapor during ENSO and the variations among models in the water vapor feedback during global warming, we find no significant correlation between the variations among models in the cloud albedo feedback during ENSO and the variations among models in the cloud albedo feedback during global warming.”
Paper here:
Conclusions studiously ignored by mainstream scientists – again.
Does it take a vigneronErl Happ – to validate Dr Richard Lindzen’s “iris effect” and incorporate it into a Tropical Lower Troposphere cloud theory that puts climate scientists, not to mention NASA, NOAA and the IPCC, to shame? Check out the discussion here:
It is a somewhat heated argument 😉

Some exceptions to the idiocy:

Climate scientists – and Solar physicists – should get out more. There is nothing new under the sun my arse. We will be glad of some cloud cover these coming decades.

Normal Warming Will Be Resumed As Soon As Technically Possible.

Mark Twain :-
“In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.”

There is a movement underway to kill science. I will purposefully choose evangelical words and phrases from here on in. When likening AGW to a creed we are not far off the mark. Science and religion have recently swapped hats. We need a crusade to overturn the demagogic ideologues.

The satanic steamroller has a lot of momentum already.
Those scientists who have already thrown their weight behind it will fight tooth and claw to prevent opposing views from being debated, oh yeah, sorry, that is already happening. Politicians will not admit they were suckered, ever, on any subject, so don’t expect to get anything but short shrift from that quarter. The mainstream media will do as they are told, they abandoned the journalistic code http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp some time back and continue to draw salaries for propagating propaganda to the exclusion of all else, particularly the production and disbursement of unbiased news reporting. They all sing from the same hymnbook.
The Citizens, meanwhile, http://www.thetrumpet.com/index.php?q=4975.3240.0.0 will go about their business in their manufactured, misinformed, myopic daze. Their suppressed guilt at being able to watch television, drink Starbucks and drive their SUV whilst other inhabitants of planet Earth are starving is being used against them while they sleep. Any truly sentient 1st world person has that guilt and the greens drip their dogma through this crack into our very subconscious. We begin to think that maybe there really are too many people and not enough resources. Maybe the world would be a better place if we stopped using oil and coal to power our infernal machine. Maybe a new stone age is the best option. Maybe following the credo of taxation leading to mitigation is the only path to that goal. Let us accept the draconian measures put forward by those paragons of truth and integrity such as Al Gore and the UN IPCC. After all they got the Dynamite prize for peace did they not? This endorsement surely trumps anything mere scientists can provide. After all our leaders were chosen so as to help us make these informed decisions and to implement policy in our best interests.

There has been a recent test on ABC “news”.
They attacked Fred Singer and a lot of people have reacted strongly http://www.abcnews.go.com/Technology/GlobalWarming/comments?type=story&id=4506059 but I feel that there will be no apology given, much less a platform for Fred to defend himself. The usual, false, accusation that he was funded by “Big Oil” is foremost in any attack on Fred but they miss a pertinent point. Whatever came out of “the fossil fuel industry’s multi-million dollar, years long campaign of propaganda to misinform the American public about the reality of global warming”? Where are all the papers, peer reviewed or otherwise, disproving MMGW?

Some may feel this incredible assault was a show of strength, proving that the MSM can do anything. They besmirch one of the world’s most luminous innovators and ignore, or even hide his research and yet promote a proven liar and his science fiction horror story to the exclusion of all else – especially the truth. A set of lies that has, perversely but fittingly, garnered a “Fantasy land” award for a documentary not to mention $100,000,000 in the folding stuff inside the last 8(eight) years for its “creator”. We are through the looking glass. Freedom is slavery.

It all comes down to budgets and agenda. Environmentalism run rampant will produce the diametrical opposite to its stated aims. Maybe that is precisely its adherents’ hidden agenda. We are already seeing world markets in corn, wheat and rice being malformed by an equally twisted belief that food should be turned into fuel even when it is more damaging to the biosphere, more likely to lead to famine and more likely to stall real alternative developments than allowing the free market to prevail. The founder of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore has stated that Greenpeace itself and its’ policies; “Tend strongly to be anti-human”, “anti science and technology”, “anti-trade and anti-capitalism”, “anti-business”, “anti-civilization”, and “invariably misleading”. Greenpeace are only one arrow in the fundamentalists’ quiver.

They ignore, purposefully, the tortuous and hazard strewn road that got us from the cave to the space station. We lived without fire. Miserably. We burned wood and still merely subsisted even when we discovered charcoal and invented metalworking. We found the energy locked up in coal and even the working classes began to live longer and enjoy a modicum of leisure time. Oil is merely the next, fortuitously discovered step on this path toward a world without waste. Thankfully we have hundreds of years of easily exploited reserves of oil and coal to see us through until we find better alternatives. Doubly fortunate is the fact that the only, long lived, output when we burn this treasure sensibly is plant food and we are nowhere near(less than 25%) to having optimum levels of that present in our atmosphere. Even if another China was to burst onto the scene we have centuries before a truly beneficial concentration is achieved. Meanwhile we are exporting to the whole world, especially the developing nations who are most in need of it, free fertilizer. Another hateful waste in the envious green eyes of the environmentalists. Why should the useless eaters get anything for free, especially unfettered amounts of the life giving gas?

There is merit in the argument that climate change, and global warming in particular, allowed us to thrive and expand yet now it and the accompanying increase in CO2, which preceded the other, is made out to be a dangerous threat to humanity. Pull the other one it has alarm bells on it.

Time is a luxury we no longer have, even though cooling is upon us and the Sun will soon out all these “learned” idiots, we are in the grip of dark forces that hide under a banner of green yet are anything but.

Thank you UN IPCC for AGW BS.

George Bernard Shaw :-
“When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth.”

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Tarry a moment though and you will see what I mean.

There has been so much effort put into the current “humans caused warming” and “SUV warms planet” and “coal and oil are bad, mkay” that, when the scales are lifted from Mr and Mrs average citizen’s eyes, there will occur nothing less than a shift of power. The main stream media will be dealt it’s long awaited and most deserved death blow. People will remember this vicious scam for a long time. A paradigm shift will happen and alternative media will be the big winner. Never again will the general public blindly follow the dictates of supposed authority. This is a good thing.

The truth always emerges. When it becomes obvious that there were very few instigators of this assault on modern man then mankind, as a whole, will see through the veil of AGW to the Malthusian agenda that these few fascists were really aiming for. When, thankfully now and not in another cycle’s time, the Earth cools and it becomes obvious to all of us that we rely on the Sun for our climate / weather people will ask questions. Questions that can only be answered with revelations.

The hysterical, vociferous, unrelenting, counter-intuitive fear mongering to which we are currently subject will be held up as the perfect example of attempted control through the use of repeated lies and propaganda. In future all citizens will become harder to fool with fake scientific proclamations. The talking head propaganda machine will be exposed for the meat grinder that it is. The uncovering of the vast effort that has been so obviously employed in this case will lead to the awareness that we are continually bombarded by lies and that the truth is very often the opposite of what we are force fed by the real enemies of freedom, the press, television and radio.

The “scientists” who claim that any person, and by inference their interviews, documents and websites, who stands up to the wall of noise or exposes some aspect of this attack on humanity is, or was, in the employ of big oil/coal/tobacco therefore anything they utter becomes instantly invalidated as a result of their prior connections or employers will be exposed as unthinking drones or manipulative scoundrels. They are so bereft of inner vision, instinct and integrity that they cannot see how strange and biased they appear to the rest of us. They revere science and “peer review” as their God but the Sun has come to rescue us from their “old boys network”and we should be eternally thankful.

Rarely will we link out to others but here are two important ones:

Green Agenda and Maurice Strong

Peer Review Must Die

Niels Bohr :-
“The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.”

Peer review is very badly flawed. Peer review is only as good as the peers it uses as referees. If nearly everyone who reviews for an entity is in the thrall of the same mistake then they will not find it in papers they review, and the entity, and its papers, will propagate it.

“Peer review is an inherently conservative process, that encourages the emergence of self-serving cliques of reviewers, who are more likely to review each others’ grant proposals and publications favourably than those submitted by researchers from outside the group.”

“The problem with peer review is that we have good evidence on its deficiencies and poor evidence on its benefits. We know that it is expensive, slow, prone to bias, open to abuse, possibly anti-innovatory, and unable to detect fraud. We also know that the published papers that emerge from the process are often grossly deficient.”

“In the June 12, 1996 Wall Street Journal, Dr. Fred Seitz stated, “In my more than 60 years as a member of the American scientific community, including service as president of both the National Academy of Sciences and the American Physical Society, I have never witnessed a more disturbing corruption of the peer-review process than the events that led to this IPCC report”. Yet in the eyes of the media, Hollywood, and the alarmists, the IPCC gets an unexamined free pass.”Peer review must die like the old boys network that it is. It is a closed loop.

Evil is as Evil does

Rene Descartes :- If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.

CO2 is a vital component of our atmosphere as all life depends on the carbon cycle and plant food should not be taxed. CO2 should be increased if anything – upward from the 380ppmv of today (considered a dangerously low level) to at least 1500ppmv so that plant life will accelerate its growth and increase in size. This is the greatest gift the developed countries can give to the third world – Free fertilizer! Punishing humanity for producing CO2 is a moral, fiscal and unpardonable attack on progress and advancement of the human condition. Al Gore has made over 100 million dollars in the last 8 years, gained an Oscar for his rockumentary cartoon, been given the Nobel Peace Prize for (to be polite) proclaiming a false premise AND he has partnered with bankers to form the main carbon credit trading companies. This has to stop. The spite and scorn poured on anyone who dares deny the warmer’s mantra must stop. The science is far from settled. El Bore should immediately return his trophies and spend his new found fortune undoing the inestimable harm that has already been triggered as a result of his pompous posturing. The IPCC should immediately stop spending taxpayer money on junkets in far-away places (mostly warm with great nightlife) for the tens of thousands of “delegates” and hangers-on who have the audacity to fly there only to “decide” where their next party will be. This must stop. The lies must be revealed. There is a bright future if we can undo this carp. The world needs to see that manipulation on a global scale can and does exist. The benefits of overthrowing this charade are manifold. Including the exposure of “peer review” for what it is – a mandate for friends to back up each other and their theories to the detriment of truth, society and persons with opposite views. To my mind the most deserving casualty of the exposure of the UN IPCC confection is going to be “peer review” and it’s mantra of “settled science” through “consensus”. Crock of shirts. The old boys network laid bare. We need to take a different tack. Humanity is not best served by allowing “peers” to “review” anything, let alone science that may drive policy. As time passes this need becomes more relevant – we don’t want the IPCC to actually decide anything do we? They would be basing their decision on flawed science so the outcome would only be bad for the majority in this author’s opinion. The IPCC must disband forthwith.