Heat or Eat?

 Richard S Lindzen :- “In brief, we have the new paradigm where simulation and programs have replaced theory and observation, where government largely determines the nature of scientific activity, and where the primary role of professional societies is the lobbying of the government for special advantage.”

A lot of people face a stark choice this winter. Stay warm, or eat? It would be simplistic to say that bad choices by government regarding the mitigation of CO2 emissions is the main reason, but so would blaming the credit crunch. The economic crisis, coupled with the inconvenient cold, is causing the warmista to shriek more loudly that their dissonance must be calmed. We must not, according to them, take our eye off the climate crisis. Well, here is the news:

There were several football matches postponed on Tue 28th Oct – and not just northern (UK) ones either – and we hardly ever abandon matches that have started and it is outside the “normal” time frame to do so for frost, sleet or snow. Meanwhile the blinkered UK government were spending 6 hours destroying the future economy of that once great nation by voting to pass a bill that will “limit” emissions by 80% by sometime after they have all retired. Yeah right.

A Google search for “cold weather records” produces some gems most of the time but recently we see cold records being beaten every day and snowfall extent and depth records are also increasing, and it is still not yet November.

The energy companies believed, along with most of the western world, that warm weather was going to remain the “norm” and they had better cover their margins by increasing prices before falling, or flattening, demand crushed their profits. In the face of what seems, already, to be a severe winter on the way they may have to face windfall taxes before Christmas. I think the energy companies could be the canary in the coalmine for others to rethink the way CO2 is being presented as a “dangerous pollutant” by one pretender to the ultimate crown.

Thankfully “Joe (the plumber) Average” knows a tax scam when he sees one. Recent polls, albeit asking the usual loaded questions, have revealed that roughly 18% of those questioned “believed” in man made global warming. The same respondent faces higher food bills at the supermarket, bigger heating bills and higher pump prices for most fuels as a direct result of this collective insanity that claims the gas that gives us all of the above is killing us, going to kill us or going to kill our children.

I cannot sufficiently express my contempt for the politicians who refuse to investigate the properties of CO2, the public for not standing up to be counted, but mostly, the scientists who nuzzle the teat of funding and gorge at the public trough. It gets wearying to ask the same questions of those who supposedly know. Where is the evidence that CO2 causes any kind of imbalance in the world’s energy flux? Where is the science stating that CO2 residence time is anything other than <10 years? Where is the science stating that a “runaway” effect will take place because of the above?

Here is some that shows how much of the research that would answer the above questions has been suppressed. The whole site is informative but I offer just this one paper – http://folk.uio.no/tomvs/esef/ESEF3VO2.pdf – for your perusal today.

As a species we are being asked to spend trillions of dollars to prevent an unproven future disaster yet we are apparently unwilling to part with a few millions to address the questions whose answers could prevent egregious economic breakdown, allow us to concentrate on the real pollutants and dissuade me that a power, and tax, grab is under way.

Instead, as a result of inaction and data manipulation I, for one, see that there is zero problem from our CO2 emissons that are allowing our modern world to exist, keeping us warm and feeding us and that anyone who joins the crusade to demonize the life giving gas is destitute of morals, science and the hope that mankind, as it has every time it has faced a problem, will triumph over the political darkness that claims CO2 is bad, m’kay.

It is almost as if there is a concerted effort to create and perpetuate a “big lie” around the most vital component of life we know as CO2. Every politician and most of the authority societies and unions are competing with one another to bolster this lie. It beggars belief. People will die but the perpetrators will get golden handshakes, golden parachutes and lecture circuit riches in retirement. Excuse me while I puke.

Too Many People. Not.

George Orwell :-
“What can you do against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself, who gives your arguments a fair hearing and then simply persists in his lunacy?”

Earth is more than capable of sustaining 12 billion humans, but only caring, sharing, responsible ones. Not greedy, uncaring rapists who think the world revolves around them and that they need two large portions of everything every hour of every day.

The stuff of life is attacked and the agents of death are promoted in this present darkness. CO2 and warmth = bad. Cellphones and their associated junk, fabric conditioners, air fresheners, shampoo, lipstick, face creams, cold = good. Tax our very lifeblood but let the poisons run freely. This is the agenda. The UN is being used to corral the herd and prepare it for slavery. The Bilderbergers, Carlisle Group, Rothschilds/Rockefellers/bankers, Club of Rome, Fabians/Tavistock NWO (there I have said it) do not care for anyone having fun while they work hard and diligently at mass control. Nothing pisses off the rich more than poor people smiling, laughing and being happy. They tolerate us while we build their pyramids but as soon as they have machines that can make machines and have codified DNA and mastered medicine, by their continuous experimentation with the plebiscite, they will cull us. Preparations are already underway. They do not wish to “cure” or “change” anything.

Don’t believe me or consider me a ranting paranoiac, fine, but consider just this one of many grand ironies:

We have had the lungs of the world ripped out to gain the privilege of reading propaganda, downright lies and advertising for more of the same on paper made from trees, yet the people who brought you the first “newspapers” fought, successfully, to destroy a plant that produces vastly superior paper far more cheaply and easily than killing trees ever could and at 4x the amount per acre (over 20 years) using zero dioxins and it can be recycled 2.5x more than wood-pulp derivatives. This plant produces more biomass per acre than any other almost anywhere on the planet with zero maintenance and no fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides. Just plant it and sit back.

Its wonderfully wholesome seeds have an oil content of 34% (more than any other seed) and, after that oil is extracted, to make fuel (at a mind boggling 95% ratio) or foodstuffs, the remaining cake is only beaten by the perilous soy bean in protein content. It provides the world’s strongest natural fiber that when made into fabric, lasts the longest of all the soft fibers, is warmer than cotton, more absorbent and produces over 3x as much per acre.

It is massively efficient as a rotated crop, with corn and legumes for instance. It has a 3 to 4 month growing season even at altitude or in high latitudes. When dried in the field it returns over 50% of the nutrients it took from the soil during growth and this, coupled with the deep nutrients it draws upon with its root system and then sheds in its leaves, makes it easier on the soil and of more benefit to subsequent crops than any other.

Makes one wonder what else this plant is capable of that strikes so much fear into the black hearts of the chemical company owners et al that they continue to suppress it and any investigation into it.

Oh yeah, for those of you who believe we should limit our production of plant food (CO2), this marvel of nature can sequester over 20 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare per crop and if its mass, after extracting all the good stuff, is then made into its own extremely viable version of concrete you have the perfect double whammy – carbon sequestering par excellence and carbon reduction through concrete reduction. But that is the last thing that is going to happen because of point one above.
If you haven’t guessed, or don’t know of it. The plant is hemp. (cannabis does slightly better at most of the above but let’s not rock more than one boat at a time ‘eh.)

“War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.”