Comment is (Not) Free. The Guardian CiF Joke…

Albert Einstein :- “The right to search for truth implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true.”

I posted this on The Guardian site at 11.47 this morning and then it was gone… I must have touched a nerve. I wonder which brave little poster felt which part to be too strong to stomach?

So much for the vaunted freedom of the press lol.

Though often proved right by the passage of time I seldom gloat.

I am making an exception for a couple of reasons, not least of which is the amount of and the particularly spiteful mindedness of some of the denizens herein.

Who, exactly, is in denial now? The disgusting behavior of a vocal minority of “believers” who have too much time on their hands or are morally or fiscally invested in the, now fast unraveling, hypothesis that the very gas that allows life to flourish will kill us all soon if we continue to increase its levels to those it has resided at often in times past.
Or we release it too fast.
Or its increasing level in atmosphere will change the pH of the oceans as it approaches levels attained many times before.
Or global temps will rise to previous levels and, miraculously, this time methane release in the Arctic will spell doom.
Or something else invented by rent seeking cheats that will remain unfounded and un-falsifiable, yet profitable for an elite few.

You never did have any evidence that CO2 caused the warming at the end of the 20th century but that didn’t curb your enthusiasm for control, your attacks on progress and your endless malice toward unbelievers.

Sure, there were those thousands of papers by thousands of scientists, supported by all the major scientific institutions, that showed some warming in their chosen fields. We never denied those. All we asked for was real world evidence that our small contribution to the carbon cycle had some effect upon that, now a decade distant, warming.
We were denigrated for asking and denied a platform for debate. One should be extremely careful when witnessing such. One day the boot and foot will switch sides. That is the nature of politicized science.

Meanwhile the very companies/corporations that pollute the biosphere, fish the oceans to extinction, devise new weapons, splice genes and keep billions of your fellow humans in poverty whilst working them into an early gave are laughing at you and pocketing your taxes.
All that effort invested in a weak and sickly hypothesis when it could have done some real good.
All that lack of protest about truly devastating environmental impacts while throwing yourselves, unthinking, against the relentless inertia of the current necessities of modern life such as coal and oil powered energy generation that allows us to progress as all our discovered sources of energy have done previously.
All that spleen vented at entities that provide true benefits in your lives, such as well lit hospitals and libraries, that could have been reserved for government insistence on massive intrusion into your privacy, drug company insistence that herbal cures and organic food are a waste of your money or the dogmatic insistence that war is a necessary evil.

At least the energy companies have to provide tangible goods and services for your hard earned, unlike the carbon trading companies who merely need to purchase ink and paper to “produce” their certificates and will turn over, in the coming decade alone, more cash than all the oil companies throughout all their history. Without a commodity, or a benefit to humanity in sight.

Never mind, big business has many more specters lined up to divert you from true husbandry of the planet, only desirable and possible above a certain level of wealth – a level that we no longer enjoy. They will continue to use the very vessels you admire to do so. Greenpeace, WWF and Friends of the Earth have become grasping arms of the uncaring corporate machine and it happened on your watch. You have helped to build the brave new world our children will inherit. It will not be warm or cozy.

I hope you are proud of yourselves, but I guess you will just continue down the easy path and blame someone else, pick fights with your brothers and wallow, luxuriously, in your guilt. Exactly as “the man” would want.

I have no financial interest and have no expectation of financial or material reward from the energy industry..

… but I cannot fail to see that the, previously considered obscene, profits of ExxonMobil will be utterly dwarfed by Goldman Sachs, Blood and Gore in the carbon exchanges of the free world and I have far more to be grateful for from fossil fuels than I ever have, or will, from elitist control freaks.

Qs and As

Frank Lloyd Wright :-
The truth is more important than the facts.

I have a few hypothetical questions for alarmists. Hypothetical in so far as they may as well be un-uttered as no satisfying answers will be forthcoming from the quarter they are aimed at. In open forum these inquiries will either be shouted down or, as in private, skipped over as quickly as a hot manhole cover. In neither locale will their true nature or their intrinsic value be addressed. Purely for the sake of being able to look my children in the eye when they inquire of me, down the road, “did you pose the right questions dad?” I ask:

You do realize how bizarre it appears to outsiders when your focus regarding every person with whom you disagree is that they are, or have been, in the employ of the tobacco, oil, coal, or mobile phone companies etc. Anyone who has ever pocketed a shilling from a multi-national is magically and instantly rendered incapable of insightful commentary or reasoned deduction from here on in. Their prior associations preclude them from even inquisitive analysis of, let alone any deductive investigation into, further subjects and the publication or dissemination of either, for all eternity. That seems fair.

Your insistence that particular scientists, or non-scientists for that matter, are unqualified to pass judgement on climate, and indeed climatology and climatologists, and the supporters of the fairytale that mankind has more influence over it than the Sun is very close minded isn’t it? I would suggest that this shows you in a bad light. Sorry, I forget that most members of the “consensus” on the “settled science” of AGW are non-climate-scientists. This attitude precludes anyone from espousing their views, insights on and understanding of disciplines other than their own. That’s equitable, not to mention magnanimous, of you.

Do you have zero intuition? A vital part of being human is listening to our instincts. Ignore them at your peril.

Do you believe humans deserve the draconian measures being taken against them and their children and their children? Is your agenda Malthusian in everything but name? Being here now does not give you, or anyone, the right to rule on what future generations may. or may not do. You make no allowances for progress and the basic inventiveness of humans and certainly have zero faith in our ability to cure problems.

Have religion and science swapped hats? The rabid hysterical bile unleashed on anyone bold enough to stand up to the fanatics who claim there is a warming and we are guilty of it should answer this particular question.

You are joking aren’t you? C’mon, come clean. Actually you’re a denialist aren’t you. You do in fact believe that the alarmist warmers are the ones totally bereft of scientific prowess, common sense or intuition. Your training is working oh master. Grasshopper is beginning to see the light. Oceana has always been at war with Erasia.