The Empire Strikes Back

Freeman Dyson :- “My objections to the global warming propaganda are not so much over the technical facts, about which I do not know much, but it’s rather against the way those people behave and the kind of intolerance to criticism that a lot of them have.”

AGW “believers” are such nice people. Slanderers first and foremost with a dash of recidivism as back-up. One by one their arguments are failing. Even the extrapolated ones such as “there are too many people” and “peak energy”. It is little wonder they are turning nasty in the face of massive gas/oil finds, human ingenuity in the field of GM crops and the increasingly large deviations of projected CO2 based doom from nature’s icy reality.

Arguing science with them is utterly pointless. Pearls before swine is the old expression. Been there, done that. All that is left is my scorn and ridicule for them. Not one of their “projections, ifs, buts and maybes, 95% confidence levels and strong beliefs” has come to pass. Not one. Yet their faith is upheld by… well, faith alone it would seem.

Far easier to attack the person and ignore their message. Far easier to “believe” the MOD funded Hadley/CRU unit and the Pentagon (NASA/Giss) and other arms of government such as the Royal Society and all those other “establishments” populated by formerly respected scientists than to wonder why they say what they say and who foots their bills. Far easier to believe the fairy-tale of “a global temperature” than to look at the world empirically. Far easier to concentrate on the WAIS than the continent as a whole, or the Arctic as opposed to total global sea-ice. Simplicity itself to ignore the natives of somewhere such as the Maldives and concentrate on *their* politicians’ differing story. Far easier to claim that the “chum club” of peer review is mightier than the lone patent clerk.

Trundling into a bleak future the rickety gravy train is doubtless shaking itself apart but we will all be harmed by the madness of crowds before this episode is over. All of us. Those who saw through this entirely political ruse immediately, those who came to see through it by observing the world and those who pushed the agenda and those who puffed it into existence by instigating it, promulgating it or by wishing to fall into the guilt-trip trap for whatever reason.

Praising the executioners as you are forced into the slaughterhouse is a symptom of how far the game has progressed and the lengths that those who have bought into the dream will go to prevent dissonance from disturbing their religious dream world.

Real Climate and Climate Progress, to name but two viperous collectives with the affront to name their funded houses as if they alone know what is going on, are not the type of place for free discussion of climate related hypothesis. Echo chambers only. Sandalistas screeching to the choir. No-one has the facts. The IPCC themselves warn against attempting to model a chaotic system before going on to base this entire sham on a collection of them.

That didn’t stop the idiots who were given a greater than 50% chance of living through their own birth as direct a result of far higher intellects than theirs’ utilizing fossil fuel based technologies for the greater good of their “fellow” men. Men that they now denounce, prancing around on the mother of all parliaments’ rooftop and screaming like the children they appear to be that we should not allow their yet-to-be-born offspring and all those current and future children of the 2nd and 3rd world the same benefits.

We are heading for a cold, maybe very cold, couple of decades. That there may soon not be enough electricity to keep us in the comfort to which we have begun to become accustomed, no matter our ability or desire to purchase same, is entirely down to the short-sightedness of those who never got anything “right”. Stop using (entirely sustainable) paper bags at the supermarket they shrieked and now they shout that there is a continent sized mass of plastic swirling around in the centre of the Pacific and in the trees. They were as incapable then as they are now of joined up thinking. None need worry about unintended consequences if one’s intentions are good. Duh.

That I should have lived so long to see it, with all my teeth and my intellect intact, is also purely due to fossil fuel usage. At least there is a glimmer of hope in the publication of Paul Hudson’s post on the Ministry of Truth’s own website.

Under The Weather.

Albert Einstein :-
“No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.”

We enter a new dark age. The age of reason is behind us. We are cattle but we have no food. We are the playthings of a ruthless elite that consider us a noisy, possibly rebellious nuisance that need trimming, very soon.
Al Gore has $300,000,000 at his disposal to “persuade” those of us recalcitrant enough to question the A in AGW that we are wrong on the “settled science”. We are worth every penny as is evinced by the removal of the Haitian PM in the very recent history. If we were about to get angry because we are about to get hungry then its edjamacation time for us me laddie.

I have had a good look around these past few days and, in between baiting some alarmist warmers stroke scientists, I have seen some unsettling things. In amongst the loss of woodland birds in Britain and a similar decline in the bee populations in the USA there are increasingly frequent stirrings in the “news”papers and on TV. The journos and hacks are beginning to think (rightfully) that if lynch mobs are forming because bellies are empty then they may be some of the focus of the fury that is erupting worldwide. Famine is coming. So is cold as cycle 24 is late and we all know what cold brings with it. Pestilence, Exodus and War follow famine as surely as day follows night. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The insane idea that food can be easily turned into fuel without damaging the fragility of world food markets, stripping us of a varied biosphere and polluting it far more than continuing to rely on oil and coal ever could is coming home to roost. The envirobots have caused the first crisis of the 21st century. The rabid anti-everything green people haters have upset the apple cart good and proper. If their deranged misguidedness is allowed to sway the mind of one more politician in power, one more “prospective candidate”‘s threats of forced environmental stewardship or one more unhinged government policy we will see more of this dangerous loss of control over the “free” markets with the accompanying mayhem.

But. What hope do we really have. The blind truly are leading the blind here. There is absolutely, unequivocally and without question ZERO EVIDENCE OF MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING THROUGH CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS. If there were a single piece of evidence. A scrap of empirical proof. A smidgen of a fragment of a sliver of a fact that showed, repeatedly and incontrovertibly, that humans have caused the benign but piffling temperature rise that has occurred in the last 60 years by their use of fossil fuels there would still be the question: SHOULD WE DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?

The aforementioned journalists are the front line of ordinary people’s defense here. It is time they woke up and read some papers themselves instead of spewing propagandistic bull5hit masquerading as science. There is not even a consensus on MMGW let alone scientific agreement. Even if there were this is not a popularity contest we are talking about. Time to stand up and be counted guys. It is one thing to toe the line when your career feeds and clothes your children but when the chances of that still happening this time next year as a slim as they appear to be now then it is time to jump up and down waving your arms and shouting. It was always your job to do so but now it is YOUR DUTY AS HUMAN BEINGS IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. Let me make it a little easier on you. Read the next post and save yourself some time. I have done your research for you – all you need do is verify it and publish. Let’s get to work.

Under The Weather

Anais Nin :-
When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow.

AGW deniers don’t get funding even if they seek it. Simple as that. It amazes me that there is any work being done in that particular vacuum. This produces several outcomes. The obvious being that realists (read deniers) are poor and therefore poorly represented in the media and academia. Their patience would appear to be inversely proportional to the increasingly shrill bleating from the alarmist warmers camp as their proof dissolves and the Sun comes around to save us from unwarranted draconian intervention into our lives. Al Bore has not been given .3 of a billion dollars for advertising so as to preach to the choir.

The intelligence and penetration so obvious in most of the spiel from those who claim to “believe” the “settled science” shows me something interesting.

They do not care about the science, the environment or humanity. Quite the opposite. The eloquence displayed by the most tenacious warmers resembles the utterances of lawyers. Yet that same probing urge should naturally lead to questioning the story, its supposed proofs and it’s perpetrators, but no. Their energy is focussed into debunking, slandering, belittling or attacking those who feel their antennae prickle whenever lies fill the air. The elitists are the most vociferous. If we are so wrong why not ignore us? Eventually we will tire of the laughter and mockery and just wilt into the background. This smacks of a hidden agenda if you ask me. Follow the money.

Currently the only places where a dissenter can store or publish their work is either unfunded or “oil (or coal) funded” or “out of their field” or “previously proven to be liars” or “on a glossy website” or yadda yadda. The denialist camp have few supporters willing to throw their careers away or subject themselves to the abundant and constant vilification and spite of their opponents when patience will serve just as well. Most of us know it will get colder soon. It is the agenda driven side of climate debate that has the money, time and arrogance (in the face of nature’s previous and proven cyclicity) necessary for recognition by, and funds from, Universities and scientific bodies. Even if frivolous or proving to be subsequently bunk anyone mentioning the correct terminology when seeking MMGW money generally gets it.

For example, John Nicol’s paper on CO2:

Useful science which presents proof that above a stated (very low) level CO2 has little influence on the “greenhouse effect”. Opened up by the author for any criticism or suggested revision, including review by peers, this paper remains mostly unread, yet heatedly vilified by warmers purely by dint of it’s location. Its crime is to be published on “already proven to be the repository of (insert slanderous accusation here)” – it must be bunkum.
Could he get something like that stored, cited or published by NASA? Or Nature? Or Science? Yet these same people will readily point dissenters to real climate dot org – a group of funded ideologues who secretly wish humanity, along with the Maunder, Sporer, Wolf and Dalton minima, would just blow away. The ones with children and mortgages are nearly forgiven, as they have mouths to feed and the teat of government is full to bursting for anyone willing to prostitute their degrees in the name of “bad monkey deserves slapping”. Not the milk of human kindness but that which issues from a sacred cow.

Do the hot heads feel some sort of moral obligation to educate the cool heads? They could just leave us realists to fend for ourselves. We have zero funding. We get zero media coverage. Why do we appear to be such a threat? Our output is minuscule in comparison to that of the machine they worship. The Spanish Inquisition had a greater excuse for a similarly fragile supposition.

Just because you have bought into the nightmare doesn’t mean that anyone who has not done so is wrong. Especially when the dream is propped up only by “computer models with 90% certainty”. It may mean that we do not wish to succumb to the darkness until presented with concrete evidence. We may merely intend to suspend our final judgment until a single proof emerges. One proof would do me (not coincidences or smoothed projections or best guesses or forecasts please. Just one concrete, measurable, repeatable, incontrovertible fact).
Even then the best course to steer may be to do nothing other than adapt to our changing biosphere. If indeed the world were to continue warming we should not be taxed into a new stone age as an excuse for a cure.

Massive drop in CO2 drives temperatures to new lows!

Josh Billings :-
As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand.

The bubble has finally burst. CO2 levels are now back to “dangerously low” preindustrial concentrations. They must be as global temperature has dropped precipitously in the last 90 days and as we all know the two are inextricably intertwined. It is only a little annoying that the Sun has been very quiet over the same time period but this can be discounted by invoking the fall back of “a very strong La Nina currently(pun intended) upwelling” or just swatting it away like an irksome gnat. Don’t panic. This deficit can be reversed if we all burn lots of coal – some of the 200 years worth (conservative estimate) that is easily extracted (far more that is a little more expensive to bring to market) – or just drive a few more miles every week (using the easily extracted currently massive reserves). We can soon have CO2 back up to “safe” levels of 600ppmv to 1200ppmv that allows all plant life to flourish and ameliorates the ridiculous demands of the “emission cutting” exercise known as bio-fuel production.

The climate police inform us that any mention of gradients, slope, relative or smoothing in connection with recent cooling trends will be dealt with as harshly as the weather (sorry, climate) has lashed the northern latitudes this past few months.

Some recent headlines:

Peak oil fears are surely offset by the fight over 400 billion barrels of comparatively easily recovered oil off Alaska – and recent “undisclosed, but massive, amounts” off the coast of Brazil (high probablity of over 100 billion barrels) – and the quite literally mind boggling quantities in the Alberta Oil Sands and off the Falkland islands.

The Green River Formation in the USA — Over 2 trillion barrels of proven reserves, with anywhere between 700 billion and 1.4 trillion barrels recoverable at $10 per barrel (US Geological Survey staff were too shocked to make any, more accurate, predictions 😉

Prudhoe bay on the north slope of Alaska (“frightening amounts of the world’s sweetest crude”)

Warm-mongers get nasty at news of global cooling – claim oil funded, glossy website owning cave dwellers with box cutters have hijacked the climate and we all know it belongs to them and them alone.

Alarmist warmer’s scrota shrivel as astrometeorolgists predict coming cold period.

It’s The Sun, stupid.