They know, that’s WHY they are so slow.

George Orwell :- “We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

The nozzle of anthropogenic global warming, climate change, ACC (etc, etc, ad nauseum) funding has been spraying billions of dollars around for a couple of decades now and we still await some modern science that shows unequivically, preferably, that mankind’s CO2 “emissions” could, are, have or will significantly impact global climate or weather patterns.

I put it to you, members of the jury, that the “scientists” involved in the most massive, costly and fraudulent scam in human history know full well that CO2 is a good guy but finding him to be the enemy is lucrative, career enhancing and politically empowering.

Take James Hansen for example. Cheat; “Turn off the AC and open the windows before I give this speech to simpleton Al Gore and congress would you.” Story teller; “I am 99% certain that…blather, blather.” Activist; “I flew here today to state that vandalism is our obligation when dealing with coal fired power stations.”

He knows there is no hurry. He knows that he will be retired before the truth about CO2 comes out. He knows that his crap has been all about money, power and the little green monsters’ agenda.

How may we prove they don’t have our best interests at heart. Dangerous AGW as a result of our CO2 output is bullshit and those who espouse cap and trade, carbon credits, the premature greening of industry and forcing taxation to mitigate an unreal problem are either ignorant of the facts or wilfully misleading us.

This will lead to people believeing that ALL the policies, decisions and judgements of said politicians are false, lies and propaganda produced solely to further an ideal that they would rather we didn’t see, let alone question.

It has gone beyond the obvious lie that CO2 is bad for anyone or any living thing. It has gone beyond the fairy tales created to ensure the funding teat pumps out the milk and honey of someone else’s hard work into the pockets of proven liers, shams, fraudsters, snake-oil salesmen and ex-lawyers , ex-politicians and ex-humans.

Climate science, such as it it, has proven the idiocy of the masses and the elitist superiority complexes of the scum who rule us from the top of the barrel and will soon become the petard with which we may hoist those same leeches is justice of the divine kind.

For every cockroach there are a dozen diamonds in the rough such as Bob Carter. How do we know this? Because the slimeballs like joe romm act like wounded and dangerous animals and screech exceeding loud if someone disturbs their nightmares or steps foot in their nasty, foul smelling pits of religeous zealotry and obvious, wilful denial. In fact the word “denialists”, wielded so freely by those screeching morons who “believe” CO2 is “not good”, should be used solely for the fools who are driving us down the road to poverty and joe romm is a denialist par excellence. He has a devoted following of equally blind sheeple who orgasm at his every exxageration and the putrid filth that drips like venom from his feotid excuse for brain function. These people call for death squads to visit anyone who disagrees that the end of the world will happen because of CO2 inside the next century. Moron is too polite a word to describe these revisionist, lying, fake, backward, ill and broken remnants. Have they not noticed how cold it has become? Worldwide? Oh, but that is weather you denialist you.

So what happened here?

A fortyfive (45) year downward trend in world temperatures (you may use any of the global datasets available) as CO2 levels climbed by at least the same degree as they do today today.

They know. Don’t let go of that fact. Same with the language – it is Global Warming, NOT Climate Change that we are being clubbed with. This can be our strength when disproving their lies and tactics.

Thankfully someone with enough staff to do the job, the sanity to see the need and the desire to see it through has just produced a new U.S. Senate Minority Report;

More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims. Scientists Continue to Debunk “Consensus” in 2008

Wrap up well people. This is going to be a cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere and next year isn’t going to be much better. The oceans rule World Climate, not CO2.

Inventor Of The Telly Box Speaks Out

Daniel Patrick Moynihan :-
“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.”

This is going to appear to be the biggest ad hom ever. I am still going through with it because this gasbag needs deflating before there is a major accident involving the inflammatory vapors that ooze from his vicinity.

Due to belch more fiery green evangelical flatulence on “60 Minutes” this coming Saturday Albert Arnold Gore Jr, you know the guy – got Ds in science at college, dropped a “gimme” on becoming POTUS, has already earned over $100,000,000 with chicken little fear-mongering of Leviathan proportions about humans warming the planet somehow, has the Dynamite Prize for Peace 2007 (albeit shared with the politicians, and political servants, of the UN IPCC) and an Oscar for his sci-fi horror movie, “An Inconvenient Cold Period” has laid out his agenda using some choice words in the run up. I thought it would be amusing, or at least diverting, to revisit some of his more shall we say, fragrant, musings.

Let us pay, oh bored.

“I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” This has been the subject of much snorting and grunting. It is, however, exactly what he uttered. Al created the very medium that delivers this very message. Phew. Thanks Al. Lots of people have mis-spoken (rofl) about this statement juxtaposing “invented” for “created” but what the hey? It’s only one word.

“There is no controlling legal authority that says this was in violation of law.” seems to me like there is no limit, controlled or otherwise, to what Al will do for a dollar or how “economical with the truth” he is prepared to be to get some more – from anywhere. There being .3 of a billion available for “advertising” the “facts” of global warming may have something to do with the media scrambling after him in the face of the severe cold weather a lot of us have been suffering recently. Gotta love the facts. I was always taught that I would never see a sugar advert as they weren’t needed. I have still never seen an advert for sugar.

“I spent most of my time in the field” This would give the impression that he wasn’t cosseted from the start to the finish of his “tour” in “‘nam”. His guards and guides are on record as saying such eloquent things as “…we went into the field after the fact and that limited his exposure to any hazards.” (H. Alan Leo, photographer) and “It was the equivalent of being a school crossing guard. I know guys that didn’t even take their rifles with them.” (Michael O’Hara, close army buddy)

“I looked around the country for other sites like that. I found a little place in upstate New York called Love Canal.” Sure about that Al? Seems a little smelly to me. Again there is a lot of hot air blown out of both ends about this one – but it is what he said. Verbatim.

So forgive me for being underwhelmed when this Titan of truth mouths such quasi-scientific sound bites as:

“I think that those people are in such a tiny, tiny minority now with their point of view…” I presume here that he means the many scientists (I wont go into the who and where as we are all adults, I hope, capable of investigation on our own and reaching conclusions based on our findings – oh darn) who vehemently oppose his views. The ones he ignores as well as attacks yet provides no platform for debate.

“…the ones who still believe that the moon landing was staged in a movie lot in Arizona…” and there was me thinking it was Nevada. I will just use your internets to check….. don’t wait up.

“…and those who believe the world is flat…” as opposed to those that believe the Sun has no influence on climate or weather or night or day or winter or summer? Al? Al? Oh sorry, I forgot you don’t take questions. So much for debate and settled science then. Little wonder that you have been described as having “a penchant for hyperbole”.

I have never written a piece containing so many euphemisms for the words lie, lies and lying.

I would rather put my faith in an AlGorithm and we know they can only predict the past.