Climate Science Abbreviations:

ACIA Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
ADRF Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing
AEW African Easterly Waves
AGHG Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas
AIRF Aerosol Indirect Radiative Forcing
AMO Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation
AO Arctic Oscillation (aka NAM)
AOD Aerosol Optical Depth
AOGCM Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model
ARF Aerosol Radiative Forcing
ARIMA AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average

BT Brightness Temperature

CAPE Convective Available Potential Energy
CAS Climate Analysis System
CCN Cloud Condensation Nuclei
CINE Convection Inhibition Energy
CO2 Carbon dioxide
CONUS Conterminus United States
COT Cloud Optical Thickness
CRE Cloud Radiative Effect
CRF Cosmic Ray Flux
CRII Cosmic Ray Induced Ionisation

DEAD Dust Entrainment and Deposition
DLF Downward Longwave Flux
DTR Diurnal Temperature Range
DVI Dust Veil Index

ENSO El Nino Southern Oscillation
EOF Empirical Othogonal Function

FACE Free Air Carbon Enrichment
FAR First Assessment Report IPCC 1990
FOIA Freedom of Information Act

GCM General Circulation Model
GCM Global Circulation Model
GCM Global Climate Model
GCR Galactic Cosmic Ray
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GMST Global Mean Surface Temperature
GOSTA Global Ocean Surface Temperature Atlas
GRL Geophysical Research Letters
GW Global Warming

IERS The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service
IR Infra Red
IRD Ice-Rafted Debris
ISO IntraSeasonal Oscillations

LACC Low Altitude Cloud Cover
LCC Land-Cover Change
LCL Lifting Condensation Level
LFC Level of Free Convection
LFO Low-Frequency Oscillation
LGM Last Glacial Maximum
LI Lifted Index
LIA Little Ice Age
LNB Level of Neutral Bouyancy
LOD Length of Day
LOR Outgoing Long Wave Radiation
LTE Local Thermal Equilibrium
LTS Lower-Tropospheric Stability
LUC Land-Use Change
LW LongWave
LWC Liquid Water Content

MAGICC Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse gas Induced Climate Change
MAT Marine Air Temperature
MJO Madden-Julian Oscillation
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
MPA Mobile Polar Anticyclone
MPI Maximum Potential Intensity
MSD Mean Square Differences
MSLP Mean Sea-Level Pressure
MSU Microwave Sounding Unit
MWP Medieval Warm Period

NADW North Atlantic Deep Water
NARR North American Regional Reanalysis
NAM Northern Annular Mode (aka AO)
NAO North Atlantic Oscillation
NATL North Atlantic Tropical Latitude
NH Northern Hemisphere
NPO North Pacific Oscillation
NRF Non-Resonant Frequency
NWP Numerical Weather Prediction

OHC Ocean Heat Content
OMR Observation Minus Reanalysis
OPAC Optical Properties of Aerosol and Cloud

PDF Probability Distribution Function
PDO Pacific Decadal Oscillation
PDI Palmer Drought Index (Moisture)
PDI Power Dissipation Index (Hurricanes)
POD Period of Data

QBO Quasi-Biennial zonal wind Oscillation

RCM Regional Climate Model

SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar
SAT Surface Air Temperature
SCENGEN A regional climate SCENario GENerator
SLP Sea Level Pressure
SOI Southern Oscillation Index
SRES Special Report on Emissions Scenarios
SST Sea Surface Temperature
STP Standard Temperature and Pressure
STS Sub Tropical Storms
SW ShortWave

TC Tropical Cyclone
THC Thermo-Haline Circulation
TOA Top of Atmosphere
TSI Total Solar Irradiance

UHI Urban Heat Island
USHCN US Historical Climate Network

A by no means comprehensive list. Feel free to send ’em in.

In the absence of a mission statement we provide:

The contents and media, both of and on this site, contain reference to and implications for, and of:

AstroMeteorology, Space Weather, Climate Change and Global Warming. Noctilucent Clouds, NLC, Sun, Jupiter, Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. Hot and Cold and wet and dry. Drought and precipitation and famine. Long Range Weather forecasting using planetary harmonics, Weather Prediction, drought and flood forecasts, carbon footprint, ghg, co2, solar forcing, glacial retreat, glaciers, settled science, greenhouse gas or gasses, the carbon cycle, atmosphere and atmospherics, barycenters or barycentres, jovian or gas giants, gravity, climate models, the great global warming hoax or swindle, Long Range Weather Forecast, Sunspots. Conjunctions and oppositions and syzygies of the planets in our solar system and solar cycles. Astronomy, astrophysics, science research, solar system, gravity, tides or tidal forces, sunspot cycles solar physics, convection rolls. The exosphere, ionosphere, mesosphere, troposhere and thermosphere. The atmosphere, environmental co2 and fossil fuel carbon output. Alternative energy and energies such as wind power, deep water turbine technology, solar and hybrid and windmills and biofuels or bio fuel (bio-fuel). Carbon sequestering or carbon sequestration and sinks and their effect on tax and credits.
A list of Climate Science Acronyms. Convective zone solar dynamo hydro acoustic magneto-hydro-dynamics, sunspot cycle, M.H.D. Oscillation and resonance and the non linear model of the sun’s core. Planets Jupiter, Earth, Venus and Mars in syzygie or conjunction or opposition, sunspots cycle Hale cycle magnetic cycle tidal forces gravity distance radius ellipse nodes period frequency bimodal distribution. Climate change mapping sun-earth solar flux influence solar wind, C-14 or C14 or 14C or radiocarbon, b10 berylium astronomy or archeoastronomy or astrophysics, research sun planets calendars, Venus heliacal cycle, alignments or syzygies, Mayan or Babylonian astronomy and astronomers, Solar-magnetic or Hale double sunspot cycle of 21 or 22 years (average since 1868). Maunder’s minimum Schove’s dates Hadley cell Little Ice Age Sporer Wolf minimums and maxima – settled science – laughing out loud. SC22 SC21 SC20 SC19 SC18 SC17 SC16 SC15 SC14 SC13 SC12 SC11 SC10 SC9 SC8 SC7 SC6 SC5 SC4 SC3 SC2 SC1 and SC23 and SC24 and SC25 and SC26. Galactic vacuum density waves. Nocti Lucent Clouds and coal scrubbing. Sequestrating and the sequestration power and strength, volume and height above sea level with regard to rising levels of both. Clean Coal and cap and trade. Carbon credits, are they good for mankind? The UK Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation or RTFO.

Anthropogenic global warming AGW and climate. Icecap and glacier retreat. Carbon capture and sequestration technologies with regard to coal-fueled power plants, oil based fuels and bio-fuel. Peak Oil and coal scrubbing, clean coal and the targets for compliance and implementation. Economic CO2 and Environmental Policy toward fossil fuel increases, the peak oil myth and lines of supply to refineries, refining including catalytic cracking, (cat cracker) flare stack scrubbing and the distillation of the octanes and petrochemical by-products and delivery to end-users via pipeline, sea lanes, tankers and oil tankers. Movies, videos, mp3s and audio files on all subjects including; hot list candidates, Nobel prize winners, climate scientists, believers and deniers, sceptics (skeptics) and skepticism, numpties (numptys) and alarmist warmers, marm-mongers AlGorism algorithm. Interested parties, politicians, laymen and women, scientists and non-scientists with, or without consensus or any middle ground to focus agreement. Very Large Solar Proton Event and Plasma Bubbles and bow shock. The main stream media and their agenda taken into context with the global warming swindle, or scam. BS science, Lies, damned lies and statistics, true believers, evangelical warmers and prophets of doom will find zero solace here. Anyone with intuition strong enough to override the pangs of guilt that any conscious human has in the modern world due to being a have yet knowing of the existence of the have nots. Intuitively recognizing the inherent unfairness, outright fraud, blatant propagandizing and total media coverage of the global warming scam and anthropogenic global warming bull shit. AGWBS.

Bio-fuel, peak oil, anthropogenic global warming, carbon credits – all either untrue or set up to harm us. If they are lies, or taxation exercises then maybe other stuff is lies also. Evolution anyone? The big bang? That always seemed counter intuitive to me. It’s the Sun, stupid. Sunspots syzygies planets solar cycle Sun Jupiter Venus Earth, astronomy astrophysics science research, solar system cunjunctions oppositions gravity tides or tidal forces, Earth Jupiter Venus Sun bananas solar physics planets, syzygies astrophysics astronomy science convection rolls. Convective zone solar dynamo peanuts hydroacoustic magneto-hydro-dynamics, sunspot cycle, M.H.D. oscillation resonnance non linear model sun’s core. Antibiotics and the character assassination of vitamin supplements. there is an answer to all our problems. Hemp. The next lie will be that the coming (2008 >>) cooling working against the recent mild warming will give us time to work against the evil man made global warming, or rather the stupid lie that taxation can prevent any climate changes especially those attributed to an anthropogenic activities.Shall we go on ?
Planets sun Jupiter Earth Venus in syzygie or conjunction or opposition, sunspots cycle Hale cycle magnetic cycle tidal forces gravity distance radius ellipse nodes period frequency bimodal distribution. Skiing or sailing. Climate sun-earth solar flux influence solar wind, C-14 or C14 or radiocarbon, astronomy or archeoastronomy or astrophysics, research sun planets calendars, Venus heliacal cycle, alignements or syzygies, Mayans or Babylonians, Weather forecasting and weather forecasters, astrometeorologists and cosmometeorologists, astronomers, SST, sunspots, cycles, barycenters or barycentres. Venus Earth Jupiter Maunder’s minimum Schove’s dates and the Wolf, Dalton and Sporer minimums. Thermohaline circulation also known as “meridional overturning circulation”. The PDO seems to be driven by the huge Aleutian Low in the Arctic/ Saturated adiabatic rate, transient luminous events and total overcast reduces surface insolation by as much as 90%. magnetohydrodynamics – the ascending node of the solar equatorial plane crosses the ecliptic at a certain point, and that this “drifts” around 1 degree every 72 years. Geoengineering, adiabatic gradient, magnetic bright points, cirrus albedo, atmosphere, lithosphere, cryosphere, hydrospere, biosphere.
Chainman Shale Nevada, Kolmogorov, epitrochoid orbit, de Vries Stuiver and Braziunas. Co-rotating interaction regions – CIRs Shapiro delay, occulatation, enthalpy. Geoids and hydrodynamic-radiative teleconnections and carbonate compensation depth. Torsional oscillation, magnetograms. Chemical looping combustion as carbon capture. Astro-meteorologists, lunarists and nowcasting. The dry adiabatic lapse rate and magnetic fields in the heliopause. Orbital mechanics and the Multivariate ENSO Index and the Global Ocean Observing System. No two epitrochoid-shaped solar orbits are the same.

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