The Empire Strikes Back

Freeman Dyson :- “My objections to the global warming propaganda are not so much over the technical facts, about which I do not know much, but it’s rather against the way those people behave and the kind of intolerance to criticism that a lot of them have.”

AGW “believers” are such nice people. Slanderers first and foremost with a dash of recidivism as back-up. One by one their arguments are failing. Even the extrapolated ones such as “there are too many people” and “peak energy”. It is little wonder they are turning nasty in the face of massive gas/oil finds, human ingenuity in the field of GM crops and the increasingly large deviations of projected CO2 based doom from nature’s icy reality.

Arguing science with them is utterly pointless. Pearls before swine is the old expression. Been there, done that. All that is left is my scorn and ridicule for them. Not one of their “projections, ifs, buts and maybes, 95% confidence levels and strong beliefs” has come to pass. Not one. Yet their faith is upheld by… well, faith alone it would seem.

Far easier to attack the person and ignore their message. Far easier to “believe” the MOD funded Hadley/CRU unit and the Pentagon (NASA/Giss) and other arms of government such as the Royal Society and all those other “establishments” populated by formerly respected scientists than to wonder why they say what they say and who foots their bills. Far easier to believe the fairy-tale of “a global temperature” than to look at the world empirically. Far easier to concentrate on the WAIS than the continent as a whole, or the Arctic as opposed to total global sea-ice. Simplicity itself to ignore the natives of somewhere such as the Maldives and concentrate on *their* politicians’ differing story. Far easier to claim that the “chum club” of peer review is mightier than the lone patent clerk.

Trundling into a bleak future the rickety gravy train is doubtless shaking itself apart but we will all be harmed by the madness of crowds before this episode is over. All of us. Those who saw through this entirely political ruse immediately, those who came to see through it by observing the world and those who pushed the agenda and those who puffed it into existence by instigating it, promulgating it or by wishing to fall into the guilt-trip trap for whatever reason.

Praising the executioners as you are forced into the slaughterhouse is a symptom of how far the game has progressed and the lengths that those who have bought into the dream will go to prevent dissonance from disturbing their religious dream world.

Real Climate and Climate Progress, to name but two viperous collectives with the affront to name their funded houses as if they alone know what is going on, are not the type of place for free discussion of climate related hypothesis. Echo chambers only. Sandalistas screeching to the choir. No-one has the facts. The IPCC themselves warn against attempting to model a chaotic system before going on to base this entire sham on a collection of them.

That didn’t stop the idiots who were given a greater than 50% chance of living through their own birth as direct a result of far higher intellects than theirs’ utilizing fossil fuel based technologies for the greater good of their “fellow” men. Men that they now denounce, prancing around on the mother of all parliaments’ rooftop and screaming like the children they appear to be that we should not allow their yet-to-be-born offspring and all those current and future children of the 2nd and 3rd world the same benefits.

We are heading for a cold, maybe very cold, couple of decades. That there may soon not be enough electricity to keep us in the comfort to which we have begun to become accustomed, no matter our ability or desire to purchase same, is entirely down to the short-sightedness of those who never got anything “right”. Stop using (entirely sustainable) paper bags at the supermarket they shrieked and now they shout that there is a continent sized mass of plastic swirling around in the centre of the Pacific and in the trees. They were as incapable then as they are now of joined up thinking. None need worry about unintended consequences if one’s intentions are good. Duh.

That I should have lived so long to see it, with all my teeth and my intellect intact, is also purely due to fossil fuel usage. At least there is a glimmer of hope in the publication of Paul Hudson’s post on the Ministry of Truth’s own website.

Greens. Too Yellow to Admit They are Red….

Bertrand Russell :- “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”

If the climateprogress, realclimate, tamino, desmogblog circular circus could, amidst their delegated coercion, hand waving and furious denigration, highlight just one overwhelming pointer to empirical evidence for their case they most assuredly would. Instantly.

Watching their antics over the Ferenc Miskolczi affair should show anyone that enters this fray where investigation, theory and truth stand in this debate. The aforementioned could care less for any of those.

That the other side cannot produce a definitive counter just empowers the entire agenda.

We all know it is far more complicated than this. Adiabatic lapse rates, just one component of our dynamic envelope that elicits two opposing theories, one claiming more CO2 cools the world and one saying the opposite, will interfere with a hypothesis that CO2 alone can affect climate in any easily measurable form.

This is why CO2/climate/weather is utterly perfect for policy makers. It is an extremely complicated, young and wide field. Its main premise fulfils many needs for the power hungry whilst diverting attention from truly pressing problems for which they will offer no solution. Why is anyone on this planet ever thirsty? We have the technology. Why is anyone ever hungry? We have the technology. Why is anyone undereducated? We have a world body that should address all of these dreadful realities.

The, so called, “green” environmentalists pushing this load are intent on control. Nothing else interests them. Amongst many other devices they will use your suppressed guilt over owning myriad “stuff” at the expense of others, mostly unseen, having nothing but dirt and pain. They suffer no such guilt. Especially the demagogues at the UN who would redistribute our supposed wealth to dictators, and worse, while laughing at their cleverness and our weaknesses. They could care less that their power is passed to them by those who, for example, tear down trees because hemp is too natural and universal for an industrialist to contemplate. Where would centralized profit come from if a rampant weed were utilised in place of a constrained resource in just that one example?

Cold, and Wet, in the Antipodes Right Now…

Robertson_Davies :- “Every man is wise when attacked by a mad dog; fewer when pursued by a mad woman; only the wisest survive when attacked by a mad notion.”

There is only one question. In having no answer to it and taking up the entirety of the debate on alternative technologies it is obvious that CO2 was chosen precisely because of its ability to compound the weather/climate forecasting problem to the point where real industrial pollution, over fishing, de-forestation and the other disgusting shit that should be on the agenda, not to mention the third world living in their own sewage and unable to find clean drinking water are points that are now, mostly because of supposed environmentalists, completely off the table because politicians can see much cash and power in their future by making out that CO2 is a pollutant.

That question that no-one answers?

Is there, or has there ever been, empirical, repeatable evidence that past, current or future levels of CO2 in atmosphere have, can or will lead to an increase in global temperature?

Computer models are not proof. (The IPCC state that the climate cannot be modelled because it is a chaotic, non-linear system) Proof of warming is not proof that CO2 did it. (Proof of warming is where all the academies, scientists and media are concentrating their efforts – why is that?)

CO2, apart from lagging, rather then leading, global temperatures by up to 800 years, is vital for every living thing, at historically low levels, slowly rising out of dangerously low levels for plant life (which is why the 0.28% extra, the portion we humans “create”, of total CO2 is gulped down by plants and plankton to the point where the Earth has greened 15% extra since NASA have been studying it) and, at 0.038% of atmosphere currently, even if it tripled it would be nowhere near a problem (in the greenhouse sense) and would need to be x10 before it reached the level in your front room when occupied for more than an hour by 4 adults in deep conversation. Imagine a world where all that went into reverse.

Even if we burn everything there is to burn, including all fossil fuels, plants and animals above ground as well the 19x(estimated) as much biomass underground, we will only be able to get the level to about 0.1% of atmosphere which would be up to 11x less than the permitted amounts on nuclear attack submarines, where you would guess that alertness and health are of prime interest. The oxygen level in atmosphere would, maybe, drop from 20.9% to 20.8% by so doing. This would take us into the year 2200(approximately) when coal, at current estimates of the easily extracted stuff, runs out. If we haven’t risen above burning stuff to get around by then we deserve everything we get.

The majority of those arguing for the bad science rely on attacking the man because no-one, on either side, can show definitively, as yet, CO2s role in climate/weather, benign or not. The “deniers” (such a nice word, foisted on sceptics by the religious fundamentalists who “believe” humans are all bad and whose guilt we must all pay for by the way) mostly, just want the subject cleared up so that the vast, ongoing funding (seems strange when the “science” is soooo “settled”) can be diverted into real, and really fixable, problems such as clean water provision for everyone of our brothers.

Cap and trade/ carbon trading will turn over more dollars in a decade than ALL the oil companies have turned over in the entire history of oil companies. At least the oil companies have to give you some tangible product for your hard earned, not just feed more paper into a printer.

CO2 looks more like the perfect target as time goes by. Shame the global temperature has plateaued over the last decade while CO2 continues a steady one millionth, or so, part per year increase.

Crap and Tirade (c) ….

Charles Mackay :- “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

I have turned from anger to jest now that I see the real motivation of the “authorities” that the alarmist warmers are always “quoting”. Especially those who deemed it unnecessary to poll their membership before uttering their propagandistic and only slightly obscured plea for a part of the billions upon billions showered over the “climate” fraternity that is yet to produce a meaningful evidential glimpse of the true state of play. Doubly so those in the grip of unelected, spiteful, wrong, recidivists such as holdren and chu who now wish to use actual pollutants to “mitigate” the imagined effects of that vital ingredient of life on Earth, CO2.

Never mind that as CO2 goes up H2O naturally adjusts, by levels of magnitude. Never mind that the biosphere is growing, on land and in the oceans, as a result of us moving away from dangerously low levels of the gas of life. Never mind the actual observed phenomena when the computer gamers amongst us can secretly manipulate data and obfuscate their “projections” with their possible, maybe, predicted to, could, should, percentage this, percentage that jargon and flashing lights that, by the way, is exactly what Wall Street’s computer gamers said about credit and debt. How is that working out for you? Never mind the rather obvious groupthink that has its foothold in places as diverse as the Royal Society and auntie Beeb, its brain on holiday and its hands in the public purse. Never mind that the people who are out there, at sea, on the ice, in their fields, are ignored whilst the air-conditioned, lily-white, pen pushers every word is treated as gospel.

That most don’t get the facts about the control of nations is best evidence that the mis-education system we have suffered under for decades has paid off.

Such a shame none of you will be here to see the results of your erroneous belief driven actions. In 3 or 4 years it will be really cold. You will not be here to answer to the people you demean, vilify and attack. You may be hiding in shame (unlikely, as zealotry brooks no dissonance and true believers will still be heard shrilly above the creak of the glaciers as they creep southwards – both the ice and the herd of willing sacrificial lambs), too impoverished to maintain the luxury of what passes for debate on this issue (due to the unparalleled burden of fiscal irresponsibility that our glorious leaders currently employ) or you will have shuffled off this mortal coil as a result of mismanaged governance, fraudulent science and the basic lack of preparation for the REAL climate change falling upon us as we witter, the coming cold.

Or does CO2 cause cold nowadays? You move the goalposts so often it has become hard to tell.

Well, it matters little. China, Pakistan and India have absolutely zero intention of stopping their coal fired power station builds. Everyone else can whine all they like, it ain’t gonna happen. You would almost think that their scientists have reported to their governments that there is nothing to fear from 1000ppmv of CO2. So. We should get down to enjoying the bounty that an increased level of CO2 brings to us all. If it stays warm? Nice. Enjoy the diminution of deserts and the expansion of arable zones. If it turns cold? Be grateful for our ingenuity and the poly tunnel, but be prepared for exodus, war, pestilence and death because cold is bad for us and kills in many ways. What temperature would your royal hubris’ like the planet to be? Let us just vary the CO2 levels a minute your eminence. Yeah. Riiiight.

After all, when you watch a baby grow into an child and subsequently to adulthood you are seeing CO2 in action. The very same with everything that that person has eaten and anything, other than “plain” water, that they have imbibed.

The Rebel Alliance Grows Stronger…

Luther Burbank :- “We must learn that any person, who will not accept what he knows to be truth, for the very love of truth alone, is very definitely undermining his mental integrity.”

The cockroaches will inherit the Earth.

I have spent nearly two years sorting through the dust-trail of the litigation pushers on the global warming thing. I used to argue, but types like monbiot and the guy who edits (up to 600 times a day) the environmental pages of wikipedia (william conolley) are corrupt. Utterly. They avoid debate because whenever it has occurred they lose. This site:

is overflowing with bright minds who once were convinced the globe was warming so must be forgiven for the vehemence and anger they sometimes display as a result of feeling conned, and this page:

cuts to the divide between the actual science and the religious foot stamping of the cap and trade/carbon credit industry (that, by the way, will “handle” – in just two years at full flow – the same amount of cash that the entire oil industry has worked for, actuall work because they have had to produce an actual commodity not just paperwork,  since the second world war) that holds the media and public in thrall. People acted stunned when 1 oil co produced “profits” of 10 billion. Imagine how stunned they may become when trillions is “traded” annually. For what? So that the biggest polluters can “buy” their way out of trouble.

I would just ignore it all like so many do if it were not for the fact that these liars and charlatans are pushing for green this and that but current technology is not yet fit. Their subsidising of wind farms, biofool and solar (to name the three big ones) and forcing production at the expense of continued development will undo many years of hard won ground when the public (and shareholders) find out that it is all about 20 years too early to be (anywhere near) efficient. I know we have to start somewhere but they are ruining the entire movement by creating a bubble out of it. When it pops it will set everything back by decades as well as exposing the science industry as the money grabbing advocacy machine that it has become. They have been given over $50billion to “settle” the “science” of global warming and all they do is ask for more, more or less. More time and more funding. Less discussion, no dissent and zero debate. Nice.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I bothered railing against it because big brother sees cap and trade as a revenue source – even though China and India will (must) keep building coal-fired power plants and have zero intention of joining any “alliance” that the (continuously partying in tropical paradises) UN IPCC one world government machine get the west to sign on to. Their scientists (China, India, Pakistan, etc) have reported to their respective governments and told them “CO2 is good for plants, doesn’t cause “dangerous” warming and can never reach noxious levels even if everything that can burn is burned”. It is an inconvenient truth that geologists are in the best position to see the big picture as they train in chemistry, physics, engineering and earth sciences, but most of the good (best at their job) have been employed by oil companies at some time so are targeted only in that area.

Meanwhile the really noxious shit is getting buried, figuratively and literally, as the media and the green environmentalists concentrate on that vital part of the carbon cycle without which we would all perish, that exists in trace quantities (some say dangerously low) of less than 400 parts per million (when atomic powered nuclear missile toting submarines are permitted to run for months at between 4000 and 11,000 parts per million – because those levels are safe for animals and do not alter human decision making capability) and can never exist in sufficient quantities to alter the PH of the worlds oceans, if that were indeed possible due to “buffering” –
CO2 – innocent as charged, has existed at 10 times today’s level for geological periods of time while temperatures were both much higher and much lower than today, entirely swamped by water vapour as a greenhouse “forcing” and vital to a cooling world (despite what the media and all the tentacles of big brother state we have not “warmed” while the computer models have claimed we have) with an increasing population (that even if it doubled could be fed from the untouched Russian steppes alone).

Despite my anger at the likes of WWF and Greedpiece continuously avoiding real, and curable, trouble such as starvation and thirst while pushing this “CO2 is warming the globe” heap of shite uphill I am very positive in my outlook compared to 20 years ago. Why, I even find myself agreeing with a Tory!

If you need a document that encapsulates the lies, distortion and manipulation of science in duty to false ends this is it-

Delivered to both houses and all senators individually but destined to be ignored as they all have their snouts in the trough. I advise everyone to read it at least once.

The poor will hurt most, as usual. The rich will stay rich, as usual.

But. Cold is coming. People will look back and shake their heads that we once thought that the tiny, tiny “warming” we have “suffered” at the end of the last century was in any way shape or form bad/catastrophic/dangerous. Cold brings the four horsemen. Warmth brings more, and bigger, plants, less death, longer lives, more drinking water(rainfall) and less desert, greater crop growing areas and more leisure time to teach our children and to discover solutions to real problems just like we always do.

All the (entirely) natural oceanic cycles have turned to their cold phases. The sun has produced less sunspots during this transition between cycles than at any time since the “Dalton Minimum” when ice fairs were held on the Thames and plague, pestilence, drought and the accompanying hunger, war and exodus were the “norm”.

Luckily, we have over 200 years of easily available coal (yep – even if another China came on stream) and oil (yep – “we only ever find oil where we look for it” the political implications of that are clear – we can’t allow the natives to make money old chap so we just don’t look for it where we can’t control it) Check out how everyone is “claiming” their continental shelf rights – although it is difficult to research – the UK just claimed a massive area around the Falklands – surprise, surprise.

As I have said before, if we don’t find cheap clean sources of energy by then we deserve to die off.

Ha, Ha….

Ha, ha.

Albert Einstein :- “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”

Today there is a protest, lead by government employee James Hansen, in Washington DC. He claims that coal-fired power is akin to an atrocity perpetrated in the 1940’s and that the trains that deliver that coal are “death trains”.

Never was there a more obvious move to demolish civilization. 50% of our electricity comes from coal. The man, and his following, is bad for business, possibly unhinged and definately outside his remit.

Luckily, Hilariously, the “weather” today in DC is “snow with biting wind and low temperatures” and this protest will be seen as the insane, hateful idiocy that it most surely is.

Take a look. Have a laugh. But, then, get back to doing your bit to ensure that this madness dies as soon as possible and the perpetrators are denied access to funding, politics and the media for the rest of their squalidly revisionist lifetimes.

Astrology indeed. They should be so lucky….

John von Neumann :- “If you allow me four free parameters I can build a mathematical model that describes exactly everything that an elephant can do. If you allow me a fifth free parameter, the model I build will forecast that the elephant will fly.”

One day some of us will look back and chuckle. The ancients are already rolling around close to wetting themselves. Open minds are needed when modern science has difficulties explaining climatic events on a daily, millennial and everything in between scale. You need to be brave to make the leap.

Here is the news. Japanese scientists protest that the IPCC practices Astrology and has climate science completely ass backwards.

Here is the Astrology. There are hot, cold, wet and dry planets. Their syzygies and oppositions stroke and stoke their effects upon our weather/climate. People died if the seers misread the possibilities, and if they misread too often they died at the hands of the hungry who had previously trusted.  You needed to be brave to take that job.

Here is the science (as much as I can give away). The planets – all of them – have an electrical/mechanical/gravitic relationship with Sol. Their vectors, inclination to the plane of the elliptic and their orbital speeds, whereby they catch up with and overtake one-another – or not – influence old Sol <em>and</em>, in turn, themselves. The ultimate feedback.

Just because someone, some when, did a study and found cyclicity wanting does not mean that it is. All it means is that the investigation was not thorough, for whatever reasons, and its conclusions may be utterly and totally wrong.

The distaste that modern scientists display toward old science, for that is what Astrology is, does not surprise me. What does surprise is the easy brush-off that some eminent scholars, both modern and olden,  receive at the hands of those who display no bravery.

Who will be next to join the illustrious ranks of Aristotle, Theophrastus, Ptolemy, Brahe, Kepler, Newton, Howard, Saxby, Herschel, Jose, Milankovitch, Fairbridge, Nelson, Bohr, King-Hele, etcetera.

Here is a page of interest:

They know, that’s WHY they are so slow.

George Orwell :- “We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

The nozzle of anthropogenic global warming, climate change, ACC (etc, etc, ad nauseum) funding has been spraying billions of dollars around for a couple of decades now and we still await some modern science that shows unequivically, preferably, that mankind’s CO2 “emissions” could, are, have or will significantly impact global climate or weather patterns.

I put it to you, members of the jury, that the “scientists” involved in the most massive, costly and fraudulent scam in human history know full well that CO2 is a good guy but finding him to be the enemy is lucrative, career enhancing and politically empowering.

Take James Hansen for example. Cheat; “Turn off the AC and open the windows before I give this speech to simpleton Al Gore and congress would you.” Story teller; “I am 99% certain that…blather, blather.” Activist; “I flew here today to state that vandalism is our obligation when dealing with coal fired power stations.”

He knows there is no hurry. He knows that he will be retired before the truth about CO2 comes out. He knows that his crap has been all about money, power and the little green monsters’ agenda.

How may we prove they don’t have our best interests at heart. Dangerous AGW as a result of our CO2 output is bullshit and those who espouse cap and trade, carbon credits, the premature greening of industry and forcing taxation to mitigate an unreal problem are either ignorant of the facts or wilfully misleading us.

This will lead to people believeing that ALL the policies, decisions and judgements of said politicians are false, lies and propaganda produced solely to further an ideal that they would rather we didn’t see, let alone question.

It has gone beyond the obvious lie that CO2 is bad for anyone or any living thing. It has gone beyond the fairy tales created to ensure the funding teat pumps out the milk and honey of someone else’s hard work into the pockets of proven liers, shams, fraudsters, snake-oil salesmen and ex-lawyers , ex-politicians and ex-humans.

Climate science, such as it it, has proven the idiocy of the masses and the elitist superiority complexes of the scum who rule us from the top of the barrel and will soon become the petard with which we may hoist those same leeches is justice of the divine kind.

For every cockroach there are a dozen diamonds in the rough such as Bob Carter. How do we know this? Because the slimeballs like joe romm act like wounded and dangerous animals and screech exceeding loud if someone disturbs their nightmares or steps foot in their nasty, foul smelling pits of religeous zealotry and obvious, wilful denial. In fact the word “denialists”, wielded so freely by those screeching morons who “believe” CO2 is “not good”, should be used solely for the fools who are driving us down the road to poverty and joe romm is a denialist par excellence. He has a devoted following of equally blind sheeple who orgasm at his every exxageration and the putrid filth that drips like venom from his feotid excuse for brain function. These people call for death squads to visit anyone who disagrees that the end of the world will happen because of CO2 inside the next century. Moron is too polite a word to describe these revisionist, lying, fake, backward, ill and broken remnants. Have they not noticed how cold it has become? Worldwide? Oh, but that is weather you denialist you.

So what happened here?

A fortyfive (45) year downward trend in world temperatures (you may use any of the global datasets available) as CO2 levels climbed by at least the same degree as they do today today.

They know. Don’t let go of that fact. Same with the language – it is Global Warming, NOT Climate Change that we are being clubbed with. This can be our strength when disproving their lies and tactics.

Thankfully someone with enough staff to do the job, the sanity to see the need and the desire to see it through has just produced a new U.S. Senate Minority Report;

More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims. Scientists Continue to Debunk “Consensus” in 2008

Wrap up well people. This is going to be a cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere and next year isn’t going to be much better. The oceans rule World Climate, not CO2.

Heat or Eat?

 Richard S Lindzen :- “In brief, we have the new paradigm where simulation and programs have replaced theory and observation, where government largely determines the nature of scientific activity, and where the primary role of professional societies is the lobbying of the government for special advantage.”

A lot of people face a stark choice this winter. Stay warm, or eat? It would be simplistic to say that bad choices by government regarding the mitigation of CO2 emissions is the main reason, but so would blaming the credit crunch. The economic crisis, coupled with the inconvenient cold, is causing the warmista to shriek more loudly that their dissonance must be calmed. We must not, according to them, take our eye off the climate crisis. Well, here is the news:

There were several football matches postponed on Tue 28th Oct – and not just northern (UK) ones either – and we hardly ever abandon matches that have started and it is outside the “normal” time frame to do so for frost, sleet or snow. Meanwhile the blinkered UK government were spending 6 hours destroying the future economy of that once great nation by voting to pass a bill that will “limit” emissions by 80% by sometime after they have all retired. Yeah right.

A Google search for “cold weather records” produces some gems most of the time but recently we see cold records being beaten every day and snowfall extent and depth records are also increasing, and it is still not yet November.

The energy companies believed, along with most of the western world, that warm weather was going to remain the “norm” and they had better cover their margins by increasing prices before falling, or flattening, demand crushed their profits. In the face of what seems, already, to be a severe winter on the way they may have to face windfall taxes before Christmas. I think the energy companies could be the canary in the coalmine for others to rethink the way CO2 is being presented as a “dangerous pollutant” by one pretender to the ultimate crown.

Thankfully “Joe (the plumber) Average” knows a tax scam when he sees one. Recent polls, albeit asking the usual loaded questions, have revealed that roughly 18% of those questioned “believed” in man made global warming. The same respondent faces higher food bills at the supermarket, bigger heating bills and higher pump prices for most fuels as a direct result of this collective insanity that claims the gas that gives us all of the above is killing us, going to kill us or going to kill our children.

I cannot sufficiently express my contempt for the politicians who refuse to investigate the properties of CO2, the public for not standing up to be counted, but mostly, the scientists who nuzzle the teat of funding and gorge at the public trough. It gets wearying to ask the same questions of those who supposedly know. Where is the evidence that CO2 causes any kind of imbalance in the world’s energy flux? Where is the science stating that CO2 residence time is anything other than <10 years? Where is the science stating that a “runaway” effect will take place because of the above?

Here is some that shows how much of the research that would answer the above questions has been suppressed. The whole site is informative but I offer just this one paper – – for your perusal today.

As a species we are being asked to spend trillions of dollars to prevent an unproven future disaster yet we are apparently unwilling to part with a few millions to address the questions whose answers could prevent egregious economic breakdown, allow us to concentrate on the real pollutants and dissuade me that a power, and tax, grab is under way.

Instead, as a result of inaction and data manipulation I, for one, see that there is zero problem from our CO2 emissons that are allowing our modern world to exist, keeping us warm and feeding us and that anyone who joins the crusade to demonize the life giving gas is destitute of morals, science and the hope that mankind, as it has every time it has faced a problem, will triumph over the political darkness that claims CO2 is bad, m’kay.

It is almost as if there is a concerted effort to create and perpetuate a “big lie” around the most vital component of life we know as CO2. Every politician and most of the authority societies and unions are competing with one another to bolster this lie. It beggars belief. People will die but the perpetrators will get golden handshakes, golden parachutes and lecture circuit riches in retirement. Excuse me while I puke.

Climate Wars. Fakery, Misdirection and Obfuscation

News Release – Please report and pass on – Thank You
Initial response to BBC2 ‘Climate Wars’ 14th Sept 2008
from Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of WeatherAction long range forecasters.
+44(0)7958713320 / +44(0)2079399946 ,

1. This ‘Climate wars’ production is a shameful and desperate effort
from the BBC’s ‘green religion
department’ to shore up the failing theory of CO2 driven Global
Warming and Climate Change.
The piece, and the Global Warmers camp in general, while pretending to
be objective skilfully avoid applying sound science and provide no
answers to the mounting  evidence which refutes the crumbling Global
Warmers theory. It puts lipstick on scientific fraud but it remains
=> They selectively report part of ‘weak’ sceptics contributions which
are muddled and AVOID proper interviews with scientists who can
soundly refute every wriggle of the Global Warmers mantra.
=> They  misrepresents the observed facts and choose ‘straw-man’
methods to attack inadequate non-CO2 part-theory as if somehow trying
to argue that if an animal is not a cat then it must be a dog.
=> They resort to the green zealots blogging method of personal
innuendo rather than discussing  the issues – ‘Smear or belittle the
messenger if you don’t like the message’

2. The Hockey stick temperature graph (claiming ‘exceptional’ world
temperatures now compared with the last few thousand years) is a fraud
and ‘improvements’ on it promoted by the IPCC and members of the
Climate Crisis industry are also fraud  – with lipstick.
For the facts see Climate Audit and Christopher Monkton:
For the record I concur fully with Christopher Monckton’s piece here
referenced including his conclusions.

3. Whatever may have seemed plausible 10 years ago Global Warming is
over and there is no evidence that CO2 ever was, is or will be a
driver of world temperatures or Climate Change – indeed the evidence
is the relationship is more the other way around:-
a) Temperatures drive CO2 levels in a number of circumstances (eg when
the world exits ice-ages). CO2 has no observed net driving effect on
temperatures. This fact is established from thousands of years of data
which the ‘Global Warmers’ refuse to properly consider.
b) World temperatures have been generally declining for about 10 years
while CO2 is rising rapidly.
c) Furthermore the period from the end of the last ice age 10,000
years ago  to about 1,000 years ago was warmer than present (indeed
Greenland is so named because it was warmer in Viking times), had LESS
ice in the Arctic and there was notably  LESS CO2 than now.
The UN Climate Committee – the IPCC – is deliberately ignoring or
covering-up these facts which show in official data.
However rather than investigating the accountability of the UN and our
elected representatives the BBC seems to want independent scientists
and the public to be accountable to the UN and governments. See links
below for information and the letter to Ban-Ki moon UN Secretary
General and Tim Yeo MP from 13 world scientists and environmentalists

4. Attempts to prove CO2 effect ‘right’ by challenging an incomplete
version of one solar theory are doubly dishonest because:
a) One theory being inadequate does not prove CO2 has any effect. The
CO2 theory already lies in tatters – refuted by data evidence. No
amount of enraged shooting at others can revive it.
b) The attacks on what the Global Warmers deem as ‘solar theory’ are
the product of disgraceful dishonesty which marks the integrity of the
scientific establishment at its lowest level since the Papal
The main periodical solar activity effect – the largest observed
periodicity present in world temperature data – is the 22 yr cycle
(driven by sun-earth magnetic connectivity). Hence for aboiut half the
time the 11 year cycle of solar activity – of particles, sunspots and
radiation – will move with temperature and half the time move against
it. This is well known to solar and climate scientists. All the
pseudo-scientists have done is essentially choose time spans where the
two move in opposite directions and ignore demonstrated correlations
on longer time spans. Those who do this are either unbelievably
ignorant of their own subject or deliberately deceptive.  BBC web
‘information’ on the matter refuses to publish the truth despite
requests and in this programme avoids interviewing scientists in
Britain or overseas who research in and understand and apply sun-earth
magnetic and particle effects in provably skilled weather and climate
forecasting***. CO2 based climate and seasonal weather forecasts on
the other hand show no skill, have been abysmally incorrect for a
decade and have got worse in the last few years.

5. I challenge – and there are other scientists who can also
challenge –  the ‘Climate Wars’ programme producer to public televised
debate with himself or any scientist they want to put forward.
If they had answers to the many refutations of their theory then the
UN Secretary General or its Climate Committee (the IPCC) or the UK
Parliament Environment Audit committee (chair Tim Yeo MP*) would
respond to letters but they have all failed to answer simple requests
for evidence to support their theory and policies under which they
expect the world to be taxed and go further into food price crisis and
recession. The letter of 14th July from 13 scientists and
environmentalists across the world to Ban-Ki moon  Secretary general
of the UN –
– has still not been even acknowledged.

Integrity in science, politics and the BBC would be a good idea.

Piers Corbyn
Astrophysicist WeatherAction long range forecasters

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