Under The Weather.

Albert Einstein :-
“No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.”

We enter a new dark age. The age of reason is behind us. We are cattle but we have no food. We are the playthings of a ruthless elite that consider us a noisy, possibly rebellious nuisance that need trimming, very soon.
Al Gore has $300,000,000 at his disposal to “persuade” those of us recalcitrant enough to question the A in AGW that we are wrong on the “settled science”. We are worth every penny as is evinced by the removal of the Haitian PM in the very recent history. If we were about to get angry because we are about to get hungry then its edjamacation time for us me laddie.

I have had a good look around these past few days and, in between baiting some alarmist warmers stroke scientists, I have seen some unsettling things. In amongst the loss of woodland birds in Britain and a similar decline in the bee populations in the USA there are increasingly frequent stirrings in the “news”papers and on TV. The journos and hacks are beginning to think (rightfully) that if lynch mobs are forming because bellies are empty then they may be some of the focus of the fury that is erupting worldwide. Famine is coming. So is cold as cycle 24 is late and we all know what cold brings with it. Pestilence, Exodus and War follow famine as surely as day follows night. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The insane idea that food can be easily turned into fuel without damaging the fragility of world food markets, stripping us of a varied biosphere and polluting it far more than continuing to rely on oil and coal ever could is coming home to roost. The envirobots have caused the first crisis of the 21st century. The rabid anti-everything green people haters have upset the apple cart good and proper. If their deranged misguidedness is allowed to sway the mind of one more politician in power, one more “prospective candidate”‘s threats of forced environmental stewardship or one more unhinged government policy we will see more of this dangerous loss of control over the “free” markets with the accompanying mayhem.

But. What hope do we really have. The blind truly are leading the blind here. There is absolutely, unequivocally and without question ZERO EVIDENCE OF MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING THROUGH CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS. If there were a single piece of evidence. A scrap of empirical proof. A smidgen of a fragment of a sliver of a fact that showed, repeatedly and incontrovertibly, that humans have caused the benign but piffling temperature rise that has occurred in the last 60 years by their use of fossil fuels there would still be the question: SHOULD WE DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?

The aforementioned journalists are the front line of ordinary people’s defense here. It is time they woke up and read some papers themselves instead of spewing propagandistic bull5hit masquerading as science. There is not even a consensus on MMGW let alone scientific agreement. Even if there were this is not a popularity contest we are talking about. Time to stand up and be counted guys. It is one thing to toe the line when your career feeds and clothes your children but when the chances of that still happening this time next year as a slim as they appear to be now then it is time to jump up and down waving your arms and shouting. It was always your job to do so but now it is YOUR DUTY AS HUMAN BEINGS IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. Let me make it a little easier on you. Read the next post and save yourself some time. I have done your research for you – all you need do is verify it and publish. Let’s get to work.

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