The Media Evil Climate Anomaly

Friedrich Nietzsche :- “The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.”

Copenhagen, one translation:- Bribe Haven, is now under way and our betters are scoffing at their troughs and scoffing at us. If it were not so sick it would be quite funny to see the anti-science brigade and their political masters spending everyone’s hard-earned on carboniferous limos and jets to get themselves to a bean feast orgy of mammoth proportions. Cheers, twats.

I just watched something hilarious on iPlayer. Newsnight, the BBCs premier weekday news program had Professor Andrew Watson and Marc Morano head to head on the Climate Gate issue.

The professor spent his time blustering and stuttering as well as bolstering his workmates’ science and claiming “the other side” resorts to character assassination, rolling his eyes and shouting for Mr Morano to shut up. Marc Morano tried to make his point that evidence of warming does is not evidence that CO2 did it but was constantly heckled by Watson and harassed by the (rubbish, but then, we all can’t be Jeremy Paxman) interviewer. The last word? Professor Andrew Watson:- “What an asshole”. Possibly when he thought the camera was off. The BBC apologised.

So, the guy who earned a BSc in physics from Imperial College, London, which has Piers Corbyn and Brian May, amongst others, as alumni from the same decade, and who once said about his time at the University of Reading, where he earned his PhD, “My supervisor was James Lovelock, whose view of the earth as a whole system has influenced me ever since.” seems to think that insults can be substituted for a lack of evidence in one’s chosen field.

The piece showed some weather events and the more extreme of our world’s beautiful and diverse environments and went on to say that the world has warmed.

Get with the program. Yes the world has warmed. Billions of dollars has been spent on proving the world has warmed. This is not the issue. The main argument is; Has CO2 caused the tiny warming at the end of the 20th Century? Almost no money at all has been spent on that. The “consensus” relies on the argument from authority that says “thousands of scientists agree” or such. YES, thousands of scientists agree that the Earth warmed up at the end of the last 100 years. They have been paid handsomely to do the research showing that glaciers melt and species alter their patterns if temps change. They have produced copious amounts of “peer reviewed” papers to that effect. Yes it warmed up a bit. Maybe not as much as the Medieval Climate Anomaly (their new name for the Medieval Warm Period) maybe nowhere near as much as the Roman Warm Period. It warmed upa bit. So what?

But it has stayed roughly the same average temperature since then.

The desperate “Climate Secretary” Miliband then came on and said, amongst other arguments from authority, something to the effect that this does not disprove the science.

All we ask is to be shown the particular science. The empirical evidence that links the rise in CO2 with the blip in temperature that peaked in 1998. Surely, somewhere amongst the thousands of papers produced by thousands of scientists there is one that gives some pointers to the veracity of the flawed and unproven hypothesis that so badly hankers after ‘theory’ status?

Frayed knot.

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