Rise of the Envirobots

Paul Valery :-
“The folly of mistaking a paradox for a discovery, a metaphor for a proof, a torrent of verbiage for a spring of capital truths, and oneself for an oracle, is inborn in us.”

Enough already. People are going to get hurt.

One could quote the figures, and the pollution created, for maize as biofuel. People may soon starve because pen-pushers have persuaded politicians and farmers that food should be turned into fuel on the twin pretexts that oil is bad and running out. Pushing for legislation, or practice, to send the industrialized nations in completely the wrong direction is what is immoral. For example, if anything could warm the world we would be very grateful soon as we are entering a cold phase of the natural, cyclical system called climate and cold kills many more people than the supposed “heat” we have been “suffering” from during the recent benign period of “global warming” yet we are told we must curb progress, industry and wealth creation so we may make it even colder.

Earlier this year SCIENCE published “Use of U.S. Croplands for Biofuels Increases Greenhouse Gases Through Emissions from Land Use Change”, which found that using any current biofuel was far worse for the environment than using petroleum and adds to global warming. Biofuel production is depleting our food supply, causing topsoil erosion and water shortages, and accelerating desertification of the planet. The only biofuels that hold promise are those made from algae or garbage. Unfortunately, those two technologies are still experimental and unproven.

“….biofuel production has amplified an expected moderate food price rise by shrinking food supplies, thus turning a manageable cost problem into a global humanitarian disaster.”


Their gigantic lie must be exposed before any more damage is caused.

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