Ulric Lyons 2015 Forecast, UK.

Noël Coward:- “It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”

Based on the planetary ordering of solar activity.

From March 18/20 a sharp cold snap
Slightly milder 2nd week April
Very warm from April ~15
Cooler and wetter from around April ~29
Warmer from May ~17
Warm burst from ~25 May
Cooler and wetter ~4-9 June
Strong warmth from 10/11 June*************
Cooler and wetter from ~24 June
Possible few warmer days from 29 June (not certain)
Cooler and wetter from 5-7 July
Possible few warmer days from July 19 (not certain)
From July ~29 a strong warm burst************
Weaker warm burst from 8/9 August
Cooler and wetter from August ~20
Possible few warmer days from August ~25/26 (not certain)
From September ~4 cooler-wetter
Slightly milder from October ~2/3
Colder from October ~14
Much colder from November ~4/5

Temperature deviations are relative to normals for the time of year.


Ulric Lyons: Long Range Weather and Climate Forecasts.

ulriclyons at gmail dot com

This forecast is general/unpaid/free. Therefore no high level of precision is claimed. It is presented to show the efficacy of Ulric’s system and stands, unedited, for all time. It takes some effort to drill into the data so if you need precise predictions for events please contact Ulric who will be more than happy to help.

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