Greens. Too Yellow to Admit They are Red….

Bertrand Russell :- “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”

If the climateprogress, realclimate, tamino, desmogblog circular circus could, amidst their delegated coercion, hand waving and furious denigration, highlight just one overwhelming pointer to empirical evidence for their case they most assuredly would. Instantly.

Watching their antics over the Ferenc Miskolczi affair should show anyone that enters this fray where investigation, theory and truth stand in this debate. The aforementioned could care less for any of those.

That the other side cannot produce a definitive counter just empowers the entire agenda.

We all know it is far more complicated than this. Adiabatic lapse rates, just one component of our dynamic envelope that elicits two opposing theories, one claiming more CO2 cools the world and one saying the opposite, will interfere with a hypothesis that CO2 alone can affect climate in any easily measurable form.

This is why CO2/climate/weather is utterly perfect for policy makers. It is an extremely complicated, young and wide field. Its main premise fulfils many needs for the power hungry whilst diverting attention from truly pressing problems for which they will offer no solution. Why is anyone on this planet ever thirsty? We have the technology. Why is anyone ever hungry? We have the technology. Why is anyone undereducated? We have a world body that should address all of these dreadful realities.

The, so called, “green” environmentalists pushing this load are intent on control. Nothing else interests them. Amongst many other devices they will use your suppressed guilt over owning myriad “stuff” at the expense of others, mostly unseen, having nothing but dirt and pain. They suffer no such guilt. Especially the demagogues at the UN who would redistribute our supposed wealth to dictators, and worse, while laughing at their cleverness and our weaknesses. They could care less that their power is passed to them by those who, for example, tear down trees because hemp is too natural and universal for an industrialist to contemplate. Where would centralized profit come from if a rampant weed were utilised in place of a constrained resource in just that one example?

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