Astrology indeed. They should be so lucky….

John von Neumann :- “If you allow me four free parameters I can build a mathematical model that describes exactly everything that an elephant can do. If you allow me a fifth free parameter, the model I build will forecast that the elephant will fly.”

One day some of us will look back and chuckle. The ancients are already rolling around close to wetting themselves. Open minds are needed when modern science has difficulties explaining climatic events on a daily, millennial and everything in between scale. You need to be brave to make the leap.

Here is the news. Japanese scientists protest that the IPCC practices Astrology and has climate science completely ass backwards.

Here is the Astrology. There are hot, cold, wet and dry planets. Their syzygies and oppositions stroke and stoke their effects upon our weather/climate. People died if the seers misread the possibilities, and if they misread too often they died at the hands of the hungry who had previously trusted.  You needed to be brave to take that job.

Here is the science (as much as I can give away). The planets – all of them – have an electrical/mechanical/gravitic relationship with Sol. Their vectors, inclination to the plane of the elliptic and their orbital speeds, whereby they catch up with and overtake one-another – or not – influence old Sol <em>and</em>, in turn, themselves. The ultimate feedback.

Just because someone, some when, did a study and found cyclicity wanting does not mean that it is. All it means is that the investigation was not thorough, for whatever reasons, and its conclusions may be utterly and totally wrong.

The distaste that modern scientists display toward old science, for that is what Astrology is, does not surprise me. What does surprise is the easy brush-off that some eminent scholars, both modern and olden,  receive at the hands of those who display no bravery.

Who will be next to join the illustrious ranks of Aristotle, Theophrastus, Ptolemy, Brahe, Kepler, Newton, Howard, Saxby, Herschel, Jose, Milankovitch, Fairbridge, Nelson, Bohr, King-Hele, etcetera.

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