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Charles Mackay :- “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

I have turned from anger to jest now that I see the real motivation of the “authorities” that the alarmist warmers are always “quoting”. Especially those who deemed it unnecessary to poll their membership before uttering their propagandistic and only slightly obscured plea for a part of the billions upon billions showered over the “climate” fraternity that is yet to produce a meaningful evidential glimpse of the true state of play. Doubly so those in the grip of unelected, spiteful, wrong, recidivists such as holdren and chu who now wish to use actual pollutants to “mitigate” the imagined effects of that vital ingredient of life on Earth, CO2.

Never mind that as CO2 goes up H2O naturally adjusts, by levels of magnitude. Never mind that the biosphere is growing, on land and in the oceans, as a result of us moving away from dangerously low levels of the gas of life. Never mind the actual observed phenomena when the computer gamers amongst us can secretly manipulate data and obfuscate their “projections” with their possible, maybe, predicted to, could, should, percentage this, percentage that jargon and flashing lights that, by the way, is exactly what Wall Street’s computer gamers said about credit and debt. How is that working out for you? Never mind the rather obvious groupthink that has its foothold in places as diverse as the Royal Society and auntie Beeb, its brain on holiday and its hands in the public purse. Never mind that the people who are out there, at sea, on the ice, in their fields, are ignored whilst the air-conditioned, lily-white, pen pushers every word is treated as gospel.

That most don’t get the facts about the control of nations is best evidence that the mis-education system we have suffered under for decades has paid off.

Such a shame none of you will be here to see the results of your erroneous belief driven actions. In 3 or 4 years it will be really cold. You will not be here to answer to the people you demean, vilify and attack. You may be hiding in shame (unlikely, as zealotry brooks no dissonance and true believers will still be heard shrilly above the creak of the glaciers as they creep southwards – both the ice and the herd of willing sacrificial lambs), too impoverished to maintain the luxury of what passes for debate on this issue (due to the unparalleled burden of fiscal irresponsibility that our glorious leaders currently employ) or you will have shuffled off this mortal coil as a result of mismanaged governance, fraudulent science and the basic lack of preparation for the REAL climate change falling upon us as we witter, the coming cold.

Or does CO2 cause cold nowadays? You move the goalposts so often it has become hard to tell.

Well, it matters little. China, Pakistan and India have absolutely zero intention of stopping their coal fired power station builds. Everyone else can whine all they like, it ain’t gonna happen. You would almost think that their scientists have reported to their governments that there is nothing to fear from 1000ppmv of CO2. So. We should get down to enjoying the bounty that an increased level of CO2 brings to us all. If it stays warm? Nice. Enjoy the diminution of deserts and the expansion of arable zones. If it turns cold? Be grateful for our ingenuity and the poly tunnel, but be prepared for exodus, war, pestilence and death because cold is bad for us and kills in many ways. What temperature would your royal hubris’ like the planet to be? Let us just vary the CO2 levels a minute your eminence. Yeah. Riiiight.

After all, when you watch a baby grow into an child and subsequently to adulthood you are seeing CO2 in action. The very same with everything that that person has eaten and anything, other than “plain” water, that they have imbibed.

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